Friday, August 12, 2016

C3 Incredibles Summa Meat Up

Another meeting in the books with the C3 Incredibles at the James Robert Compound.  The bar has been raised from last years activities with the recent addition of two 65 mph jet ski's, as well as a hot tub and fire pit.   So let me recap the recap, a modest house in the woods, on a lake, ping pong table, sleeps 9, big screen with internet for Skype with our friends that couldn't attend, bb guns, Traeger, ski boat, canoe, 2xpaddle boards, fishing gear, water tramp...and no distractions.  No bars, people, shit heads, nothing.  Just us, meetings, good times and a way to kick off the 2016-17 clinic season.

Chef Emmet always runs the grill, oven and kitchen. 
Long exposure night shot of the toys for boys.

Ponch and Jon
SeaFair air show planes
Til next year.  Thank you Jim Bob.

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