Thursday, July 28, 2016


6 years ago, CAPiTA was about to release it's second team movie, Defenders Of Awesome.  After all the shred filming was done and edited, we needed to film the team intro's.  Mark Dangler who was the hired lead filmer for the movie had a plan.  He knew of a misty spot away from Mt. Hood where the team dudes could go and hang, shred, camp, talk and get comfortable enough to let loose and film their intro's.  So Mark, the team and photographer Joel Frasier all set out to Hood during session one to get done what was needed and with that, CAMPiTA was born.

CAMPiTA 6 was the the sixth (obviously) gathering at Mt. Hood in the summer and it continues to be one of my shred highlights of the year on the same level as Baldface, LBS, and The Launch.   I think Griff summed up CAMPiTA best:  "it's the same shit, in the same place, with the same people, at the same time a year but for some reason it's always different."

Enjoy the photo bonanza from this years gathering.

Fresh caught fish was slow cooked the first night of the gathering.  
The two chefs.  Our Midwest rep Emmet and his buddy Erik.  Erik worked at the best restaurant in the world serving "tweezer food."  After hearing about our outing in the woods he asked if he could come and cook, as he was in between opening up his own restaurant in MN. 
 A whole lotta hog.
Ain't he cute?

Seasoned to perfection, slow cooked over a fire from 9AM until dark.  Erik was a total champ staying back at camp all day to make the other white meat taste like the dream it did.
Breakfasts are one my favorite parts of CAMPiTA.  Early morning coffee's with Joel, Phil Jacques and Griff, then the Nap Time twins come over and roll our their own version of breakfast burritos make things fun. 

Axe throwing is a sport, not an activity at CAMPiTA.  WeGnar with the toss.

Milo got 15 in a row and was the CAMPiTA axe wielding champ.  Whatever that means.

Not a cell phone on in the lot.  Just good ole fashion conversation. 
 Dark Mangler, Jess and Blatt strumming some of your favorite tunes you've never heard.

Liquid volume enhancer.

There was a "few" people in attendance.

Just a few. 
We always opt for the off site camping.  Just down the road, so sleeping in the woods is optimal. 

There's only 3 people who have attended all 6 CAMPiTA's.  Joel Frasier, Jess and myself.  I don't know what award that gets us but I certainly cherish all 6 events as well as agree with Griff's statement.  Each one is special and unique in it's own way.  
The Nap Time twins were 16 when they showed up from Japan for the first time to CAMPiTA 4 years ago.  They arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed until that monsoon of a rain storm soaked their Poler Tent that they left open.  These days their a little more prepared.  Griff doing what he does best, cooking. 
Does a bear shit in the woods?  So does Milo.
Some Lord Of The Fly's movie shit right here.
Carnage asada

Maddie, the spoiled one of Sleepy's mutts.
A pansy in a sea of daisy's.
Snows pretty alright up there these days. 
CAMPiTA's apres ski.


Oak, the bastard stepchild of Sleepy's mutts. 
We ain't new to this, we just do this.  The oldest and the youngest attendees of CAMPiTA.  111 years of living right here.

Craven's turned out to be one hell of a human.  Snowboarding has aged him well. 
Joel and Scott doing what they each do best.

Kevin Backstrom came all the way from Sweden to ride the HCSC ropetow, send jumps, slash hips and make smiles.
Ben Bilocq is a DWD dude but he's been a CAMPiTA dude almost every year.
Wainhouse and Rego
HCSC diggers
r-ADAM Balon came out from Bumfuck Canada and snaked everyone in the pipe all week long.  He "Balon'd" them.

Dan Brisse thinking about how to evict Sleepy out of one of his many rental properties.

Toby Miller is part of the local Booster Club.
Philly Cheese Jacques

Backstrom with these high speed backside tail blasters.
The man who executed the CAMPiTA plan, Mark Dangler double dutying on hill.

Riley became nice once WeGnar tazered his crybaby ass. 
Klocker and Brisse in a rare father and son moment.

Jadyn Chomlack came down from Northern Mexico to chuck 9's all day and then throw axes all night.
AK Mark Rainery with a mellow back one Japan.
Maxwell Scott got in the stunt ditch on the hill, while Brendan Gerard rode the stunt ditch back at camp.
Peace out.  Thanks HCSC for the hospitality.  Thanks Dangler and Riley for organizing one hell of a camp out, Emmet and Eric for cooking, Blatt for entertaining, Blue for the inspirational speech, Jess for creating, Griff for going with Gods Will and all the riders for making it out to enjoy quality time with each other:  Kazu, Nap Time Twins, Gerry, Rav, Brisse, Jess, Johnny, Phil, Cale, Kevin, Wainhouse, Jadyn, Dustin, Worm, Sleepy, Maxwell, Corey, Guido, Tom, Mark, Rego, Toby, Fava Brothers, Milo and Mac. 


  1. Bummed I missed it. Too busy in the FunEmployment line. Missed the early morning breakfast with you and Griff. And the late nate howls with the lil puppies..

  2. Very glad to learn this story for starting the Campita,all this makes me wonder...