Monday, July 11, 2016

I hate you

Like everyone says and no one believes, you blink with kids and their out of the house and onto THEIR life. Not yet there with Milo, as he just turned 16 but feeling the pressure that he's gonna be on a adventure in a couple of years.

I asked him what a kid that gets everything wants for his birthday.  He couldn't give me an answer.  "Dad, I dont need anything.  I'm the worst as it is as THEY get everything  I want and end up getting it for both the kids to justify my shit.
So I made him a fitting birthday card that was in the same flavor as my fathers day card, except I added tits to it, where his just had a huge penis on it.

Then instead of getting him something material, I gave him kind words and some "coupons" he could turn in when he needed.

Dude works at the pool everyday teaching swimming to these rodents.  

This was a pretty good apres fathers day gift I got the other night after the fact.  We were watching Morris from America.  Shits pretty funny.  There was a line in there between father and son regarding the dad charging the son for having a big ole dick.  You gotta see the movie, totally worth it.  But I had the opportunity to change the text slightly and use it on my boy.  Loved the response.

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