Friday, October 17, 2014


"Hey Dad, I know your hurting and all, but can you climb the hill over there and film this other line I want to hit?"
"Son, I need medical attention."
"Ok cool, well why don't you put the backpack on and get going up the hill and I'll just GoBro it then meet you at the top of the hill in 5 minutes."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quality time

Last Friday the boy got out of school early and asked me if we could go to Duthie together and rip around while there was still light out.  Hmmm, a high schooler WANTING to spend time with his pops riding bikes?  Fuck yea I'm in. 
Friday at 1PM, left work pretending to go to the gym and went and picked him up.   20 minutes later we're splitting a tuna sub at Subway and on our way up the hill to the bike park.  Lil guy wants me to film this line he's kinda hit before, real flowy, but we haven't been able to get it cause it's usually real dark when we get there. 
After a quick ride to the center spot, we make our way to the warmup flow park but stop when we see a family from soccer up there as well.  One of their kids played on Macs soccer team for a hot minute and the family raced BMX.  They were on cross country bikes and cross bikes, so the invite to go jumping with us didn't take.  As we said goodbye to them, the wife throws out a "hey Johan, be careful out there, don't go and break your shoulder."  When we met them, it was right after I broke my shoulder BMX'n.  I'm like "What the fuck lady, you DON'T ever say that to someone!"  I knocked on some wood and rode off in disgust. 
Off we went into the woods to get busy.  We got a couple of fun warm up laps in when we go over to a trail called 12 Step.  12 doubles, BMX style, not scary but you just have to be on to get thru it.  Jump, clear, land, turn, for every jump.  "Dad, train me (follow me) on this one, you can totally do it."  "Uh, ok if you say so." 
Next thing I know, I'm upside down, tangled in my bike, pinned to the berm gasping for air and my body is flaming hot.  I walked it off for a bit, curse, sweat, drink some water and then shot some vid of the kid for a hour or so. Then figured I needed to get my ass out of there before the pain train came and gave me a first class seat home.  After a fun drive thru Seattle traffic, ER said I had 4 broken ribs and a chipped scapula.  Awesome.

This is my face right after catching my breath, going for the camera to film the above. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pee Bee Are

Milo with a rip down P.B.R. last weekend at Stevens Pass.  Thanks Rudolph. 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

A call to "Action Sports" arms

Attention, any one working in the "action sports" industry.  There's an unemployed, over qualified individual available, that you can plug into your company, in any capacity and instantly do your company, yourselves and customers better.  Better = more money.  So listen up...
Meet John Logic.  His 24 year run at one of the country's premier snowboard shops just came to an end.  This has been covered here and elsewhere before so no need to beat that one into the ground.  John, unlike other people who failed, took the blame himself.  Like a man.  He understands what he did right to attain 18 years of consistent growth in the shop, and what he did wrong for the last 6 and ultimately how to make one of the most painful but necessary and dignified decisions a man will need to make after being married to his business for 24 years.  He's managed a staff of many as well as consistently motivated all, and many of these motivated former staff are in this exciting action sports industry because of him.  In a nutshell, here's his resume of what he can do and has done:  public speak, payroll, schedule, buy and sell for a multi million dollar establishment, work off budgets, work excel sheets, read excel sheets, manipulate excel sheets, motivate staff, do presentations, build sales programs, laugh at shitty sales programs, say yes, say no, tell you to fuck off, take chances, build brands, enjoy a beer, stay loyal, participate and contribute to focus groups, determine whats hot and not, surf, get the best of of individuals, travel, work current trends, forecast coming trends, communicate effectively with everyone at the workplace from the janitor to the president, build internet sites, track traffic, snowboard, pack boxes, unpack boxes, pay bills, ignore bills, call credit managers and collectors and negotiate a better deal, sit thru painful dealer intros, negotiate leases, buy buildings, not buy buildings, remodel, tenant improvements, set up a warehouse, volunteer his time to dying people with cancer, set up non profits for poor urban kids to get out of their shitty surroundings and go to the mountain...the list is endless.
Bottom line, Mr. Logic could fit into any organization and kill it in sales, marketing, credit, product, management, development because he's done it all before, for the last 24 years.  This is a man whose establishment was a contributor to many brands successes, ours included.  Right now he's out there just working a regular guy gig and keeping his head clear.  There's no pity party going on and he's not actively searching out a job in the business, because he's still figuring what all of this means.  What I'm saying is,  that we should figure it out for him and find him a place in the surfing, skating, snowboarding business.  There's plenty of incompetent people working in here, so John would be a welcome upgrade anywhere.  Let's not lose this dude to some other "industry."

Need to read more about him and who he is?  Click here, it's him, raw and uncut.

Hit me up and I'll give you his digits. 

PS.  Why don't we hire him?  We hired a half a dozen people this summer, our hiring hole is filled.