Thursday, April 23, 2015

#springBROKE2015 the video

I'd say these last two weeks on the road a awesome farewell lap to the shred season as well as other things.  I had a blast watching all the kids get after it, as well as the parents.  Natasha, Bildo, Kimo, Griff, Wilmont, Sabs, Clines and Lisa Jo all added to this as well.  Hit the HD button and enjoy #springBROKE2015. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Three weekends away, two weeks on the road, 13 nights in 4 different beds in 4 different towns made up the Malkoski #springBROKE.

First up was Wenatchee and Mission Ridge with the Lib unTec White Wave Challenge.  Day one was an old school slalom race and day two was a rope tow rail jam.
Family Christmas card in the making.
Gnar cranked thru the course with rounded edges.  I waxed the boards before the race, and pulled out a fresh one for Milo with sharp edges, but forgot to sharpen up Mac's rail edge.  Once again, dude got shafted.
A pretty good spot, second, surrounded by the Clines.
Milo got second too.  Surrounded by his bro's Matteao and Keala.  I got jack shit at this race, except a faster time than both my kids.  Which makes me the winner.
Back to Skykomish from Wenatchee driving Tonto's F 150 pickup that his dad gave him.  Gnar decided he liked the truck and wanted to give it a spin.  He put 6 or 7 miles on the thing in the driver seat, solo.
Left on Monday morning to the Oregon coast stopping at the Seaside Surf Shop to hook up with Dennis and Bildo.  They fully kitted the kids out with suits and sticks.  Bildo is seen here looking on top of the roof rack for a hidden cheeseburger.
Skimming with Dan Broadwells Victoria's.
Twenty minute hike down to Short Sands.   Bildo has it down.  Look at that back pack.  He's got a burrito, burger, salad, and coke in that thing. 
"Uh yea, hey what are you thinking about getting something to eat?  There's a pretty cool burger spot down the road...."

The cats travel well.  4.5 hours in the car for the ride, no peep out of them.  But then Rocky had to chill.
Another Christmas card.
And another panorama.
Hug Point, OR.

12 years ago, Bildo, PK, Tonto, Kid Fresh, Kenny and I built this deck.  And this was the first time back to Kenny's cabin since then.  Thanks for the hookup Ken.  Cannon Beach rules.
Monday morning, bright and early, Seattle to Reno.
Dude takes the whole arm rest apparently, but shares the headphones.
Seattle to Reno, pick up Griff who flew in from Boston the night before, drive 3 hours to Mammoth, check in, get dressed, weasel 5 free tickets by showing Mammoth our plane tickets.  It was a good day.
"JOHAN...JOHAN!  It's Coger."  So randumb to run into someone I worked with 18 years ago for 8 years at Mammoth.  But it was great to catch up and rip laps.  Thanks Doug.
Randumb run in number two.  Daron Rahlves and his son Dreyson were there for some charity banked slalom where they raised $300G.  See that mountain in the background?  Daron rode right down it, no turns.  No problem either.  Griff and I caught up with him a minute or so later.  We had problems.
Switch donkey kicks as good as SFPD's Keith Wilsons.
Gnar plants.
T-Sabs came in hot and gave the steed a much needed edge.

Kimo gave Milo a much needed pre-stretch.  Dudes 45 and rides like he's 15.  All day, all way, everywhere and on everything.  I'm fucking jealous.
Features at #theLaunch2015.  What you don't see is the takeoff for the knuckle you see the dude standing on.  75' take off to knuck, and 85-90' to sweetspot.  It was a doozy.
It's a biggin.
Grips and I's Christmas card.
Gnar, Matteao and Milo.  Good crew.
Myles Fallon is 13, Macs height and weight and a fucking mad man.  Dude stood atop the drop in for this beast, said fuck it to himself and sent the thing almost a 100' on a straight air.  BALLS.

Natcha doing something out of her comfort  Ms. Natacha was runner up MVP of the trip next to Griff, who got up every morning, got the coffee on, started the bacon and cooked some Klocker like dinners.  Thanks for all the help Grips.
Mmmm pidgin.
Riles went down to #theLaunch2015 for work, but ended up riding as good and with all the kids that were there to get photos.  I think he impressed some of the riders and magazine heads with his ability, as well as impressing T-Sabs with his size.  Tony dubbed him "Thor" as he was dropping hammers.
Milo got into the cool kid club and was allowed to hit the hip a few times.  This thing was also a beast.  He said he wanted to cry in the air the first time he hit it.  25" high wedge that was 6' wide, over a 25" gap, to a nice carved out landing.  Large and scary.
This is how we lived for 8 days.  Shit unpacked itself and maneuvered our way around it all instead of organizing it.
#theLaunch2015 and Volcoms PBRJ finals going away/welcome party speech by T-Bird.  The jist of it was "look around, and what you'll see is the future of snowboarding.  You kids will be the best riders in the world in a few years. "  It was pretty rad.  Bird, Bridges, Blaat, Mary Walsh, Huggy, and E-Stone all work for Snowboarder Mag, the dudes that put on the event.  The amount of support, encouragement, patience and opportunity that they provide the next generation of rippers is beyond what they should do.   Snowboarding's in good hands with these people though.  We are lucky to have them.
Volcom PBRJ finals.  The top 5 kids from each class from all 13 stops came out to compete for $17G in prizes. 
Brisse was there, and was impressed.  Milo qualified 11th and made it to the finals.  Dude did well for not so much a rail rider. 

From the finals, to Truckee to stay with Tony, Gab, Ryker and Drake.  The boys had a good time with these kids and all of Toe Knee's toys.
Mac considered this the highlight of the trip where Tony showed him how to ride a clutch motor bike.  He got a couple solo missions as well.
Wooly with the grey birds.  Peace out #springBROKE, it was "one for the books!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back to back vidz?

It was months since the last kids vid, and to post one a week after I put out the March Madness seems dumb but Milo borrowed my computer this weekend and worked out his first edit on Final Cut Pro.  I cleaned up a couple of clips and this is what you got, So Tits presents:  final days of shred!  Enjoy.

Friday, March 13, 2015

March Madness

Footy from the last month at Stevens with the boys and their buddy Keala Cole.  No pow to speak of, but at least the park crew has kept that playground interesting.  Click the settings, up the resolution and enjoy.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Baldface 2015

This was my 5th trip to Baldface.  My first one was back in 09 with Benny and the boys and it was so good, so easy and so deep that it's too easy to keep going and not go elsewhere.  This years trip was different than the rest though, as it's been a pretty dry winter in the west.  We went there knowing that it may snow, but the reality was we were probably going to be riding corn snow at best.  That being said, here's a little pho toe recap of the trip.

There's certain things legal in WA and CO that aren't legal in BC.  BeCause of that, some of the people that happen to engage in that behavior (not the dude pictured) like to leave that type of stuff in this spot.  Right be4 the boarder.
Look closely and you'll see Peter Line talking softly to the customs agent about shit they can't understand.  This is the Electric Visual dudes truck getting raped by customs at the boarder.  We passed right thru with the Jedi Mind trick.  Let them thru, there's nothing in the car....
These are called Scotch Eggs.  Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage.  So nasty that you go back for seconds.
Your heli awaits. 

Call In, Cord, Optimistic Kenny and Lady Lizzy G.
This was a post on Instadildo that we just got 2' of fresh that got called out because there's no new snow in the tree's.  I got to learn photoshop. 
Weekend At Bernies star and sometimes comedian Bobcat Goldthwait joined us. 
Klocker rocker.
The snow was fun, but not this fun so I posted a Instadildo photo from the year before saying how good it was and funny enough it's the most liked photo I've ever posted. Sorry I lied.
Dinner with Peter.  You hear about 30% of the shit he talks to you about.  And eats about 10% of the food on his plate. 
Craigs cross.  Bet you've never seen a photo of that before.
Pete's a bad ass. 
The Guch is one hell of a human as well.  This was considered a face shot on this trip.
The Baldface crew, worst snow of the 5 years I've been to Baldface but the coolest group yet.  Skier Brad, Cordell, Skin Dawg, Klocker, Colin, Burch, Bobcat, me, Lizzy G, Call In, Sweaty, Brad and Downstairs Kenny.
So Tits was riding on the cats.
No good snow, no worry, drink a little Fireball to make things interesting.

Huge barney rubble.
Creepy Kyle from Electric ran the pong table. 
$1,000 bottle of whiskey is the entertainment Klocker provided.  #richguyproblems
It was good having Kind Sister there.
Sweaty made onion soup out of onions. 
Euro Brad.
Dudes hiking.
To the spot we were already at.  Fat asses.
Apparently I was pretty stoked to be there, lazy eye and all.

Outdoor art sesh with Jamie Lynn.
The final night, was a dress up party for all 35 men that showed up and one women.  So...yea went with the flow.  Guch approved of the halter top. 
This was some sort of energy bar that was served.   I couldn't sleep, too much vegan or something in the ingredients. 
Tyson from High Tide MFG joined us for a layback on the last day.  Dude was super nice and rips.   His board rode pretty incredible as well.
Later Jamie, later Ricky.

Till next year boys.  Thanks for the miles of smiles.