Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Tear maker

Give this a watch, the full 9 minutes worth.  Wow.  This ladies got balls.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Northern California

I rolled out to Northern California last Sunday to do my usual road loop to retailers with Mr. Chris Wilmoth.  These are some of the photo's I shot.  Enjoy.

Gnar plays football now.  This pains me, as I hate football and footballers.  But he likes it so...Dude missed 2 weeks of practice at the beginning of practice time because of snowboard camp and vaca to MA, so he kinda got shafted on his position.  Coach had him start out at left guard, but as games progress, he's now left guard, safety, punt returner, kicker and back up qp.  Dudes in heaven.  This is what I left on Saturday to start the trip on Sunday morning.
THIS is what I got picked up in, a RAPE VAN.
These clowns were in it:  Karl, Watson, Wilmoth and Shafack.
Bevys and panel interior.
First stop, AFTERSHOCK tour in Sacramental.  The bottom of the barrel for humans.
My thought process for this trip was to roll in, impress one of our very best retailers with my connections to a 25 year old punk/snowboard band and be backstage doing nothing but having a good time, but...we got no tickets or backstage as there were 18,000 idiots at this concert and apparently, WE were at the bottom of the totem pole.
Til this dude came along and snuck our asses backstage.
Where we had to walk by Blue Man and tennis ball titted lady that was easily 60 years old. 
Whooooo oh oh, at last.
Lil guys were down.  Low.
SoTits made their way to the stage and will be travelling the world with PW's.  Recognize.
Just Shfacking having a good ole time.
Banger set list.
What?  You want us to sing Bro Hymm in front of 18G fans? 
THAT's the old mayor of Manhattan Beach.  True story.
Fletcher posing and his big fat head eclipsing the sun.
Rob Zombie set list
Rob Zomiez costume just got an upgrade.  Your welcome.
These dudes are more human than human.
The songs sounded good, but man...I'm gonna say it.  Rob Zombies a fag.  Not in a gay way, but in a Southpark way.  Dude, his schtick, band...prancing around flipping his hair, he's a fag. 
Off to business the next day where I finally picked up the new Snowboarder Mag.  Lil dude landed his first editorial shot in a mag.  Was glowing and proud when I finally saw this.  Nice work Gnar Producer, and of course, thanks T-Bird and Bridges for all the opportunities to do this.  This shot is because of those two actually.  Zack Normandin nailed this plant on the first day of the Launch and got a interview over it.  Bridges had actually shut down the runway to everyone so he could nail this.  It probably took him 10 tries.  Then on the last day of the Launch, in the last hours Milo started to go for it.  T-Bird grabbed his camera and encouragement book and got Milo rolling, which got Bridges to take notice, which then got him to give Milo priority on the sled rides up, which made Milo feel like a dick and then finally nail this, 35-40 tries later, to which Bridges walked over to a watching Normandin sitting on a sled and asked him what it felt like to get shown up by a 13 year older.  That's a mostly true story from what I can remember.
We're BACK mother fuckers!  Chappy and Kyle building out an old church in Tahoe calling it the SOUL HOUSE. 
Ess Ef Oh
This was kinda cool to end the trip with, 4 minutes of the cone zone on YoBeatz.  SoTits.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Street Cred

How good is this?  Mr. Pat Bridges giving you a glimpse on what goes on inside his head, all the while you get to stare at the hottest shit to ever hit the market?  That's SoTits!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My bro's rip

Owe Win and Why At Cline season edit.  Nice work boys.

The Athlete, Jeff Holce

Dude is one of the nicest gingers ever, and coincidentally he could give another ginger (Pat Bridges) a run for his money in the snowboard movie history department. Watch and enjoy. CLICK.