Thursday, July 11, 2019


Two of our dudes here at C3 decided to quit their jobs of 4 and 2 years, ride their bike and tow their surfboards from Seattle to Baja Mexico.  This is the intro to their journey that we ended up helping out and supporting. You can follow along with the trials and tribulations of these two novice biker and surfers by following them on Instagram @coastalsifters

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

32 months in a row on snow

Back in 2016 I asked a couple of the younger dudes here at work if they had ever done a full year on snow.  For the most part in the northwest you can easily get 10 months of shredding with Mt. Hood 3 hours away, but the other two months...those are the challege.  Three of us started back in November of 2016 and now theres two of us left still going.  Theres been some months that its been a full on adventure to get that day in, and I remember my wife saying after a 11 hour day of adventure to get two tiny runs "this is dumb."  And she's right it is dumb, but its my dumb.  So heres to doing at least as many months in a row as I am old, or maybe try and do all of my years while in my 50's.