Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trendy High Cascasde Edit

I'm pretty proud of this edit, that I didn't do. Session 6 is the last session of High Cascade Snowboard Camp and it's traditionally the one the boys go too because all the swim team shit is finished and we usually combo CAMPiTA at the same time. But...this year was a little different. Mac bailed because football started and CAMPiTA happened a couple sessions before. So it seemed that it was only Milo and Matteo that were gonna be down there at this summer camp that costs as much as a family vacation. Aiden, Corey, Austin and Paavo all jumped in though and they met up with Launch friend Miles and the rest is history. 

Danny Kass was in Seattle last week and said to me "your kids at HCSC right? The kid grew and don't worry, his crew and him were owning the camp. If I want to really make a comeback, I should hook up with those dudes to shred."

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