Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mr. David Pinkerman

18 years ago you were with us.  Now your not.  And still, 18 years later at this time of year, I think about you, shredding with you, how much you'd dig WA,  trying (not accomplishing) to one up my boys and listening to your Crisis Boy complaints about chicks.  
I'm planning on returning to AK with my kids in another year and instead of having you as my right hand man doling out advice like "You walk over here, you die.  You walk here, you live.  Let's get hiking."  I have my good buddy Kind Bro filling your seat.  Love me some Kind Bro, but would prefer having you there Dave.  
Happy Holidays Pinkerman.  

Dave and I in a TWS ad for Harry Gunz's Rad Air back in 94.  The malt liqueur bottle in his hand is filled with piss.  True story.

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