Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Dirkson Derby

They say it takes a village to raise a kid, and we're lucky that we have a village that has jumped in during this last year to help out with the kids and keep things somewhat normal. Our friends the Clines said to us last week that they could house, feed and look after the boys in their RV at the top of Mt. Bachelor if they could get into the race.  And Riley said he'd drive them down and back seeing how he was going anyway.  He'd just have to leave a day early, but no big deal.  So now it was up to me to get them into the sold out show.
Shalbot from evo got me in touch with the man putting on the event, Josh Dirkson, who I've know since shooting photos of him in Steamboat for a Morrow catalog back in 1995.  I figured the best way to get them in was to pull out the one card I had up my sleeve, the cancer card.  "Hey Josh, I’m Johnny Come Lately to the registration for the Derby for my two boys, but with a good excuse.  I was in the hospital getting a bone marrow transplant for cancer.  Anyway, hoping to get them in as we’ve always wanted to do this race.  Not for me this year as I’m recovering from all the shit I just went thru, but just the boys.  Anything I can do to get them in, let me know."  And within an hour Josh wrote back with I'll send you the link to get them in, as well as "would you like me to enter you in the Derby? You would not have to race, you could just pick up the t-shirt and bib and enjoy the weekend? Just let me know."  Which I had to deny seeing how I'm on Dr.s lock down.  Then he hit me back with "Hello Johan. Good luck with the next 40 days. I will still reserve three 3-day lift tickets. They will be under the Malkoski last name. Tell the boys to pick them up at registration. Take care, Josh"  Blown away to say the least.
Bachelor got 46" while the boy were there.  Friday was practice, Saturday was qualifying for Milo.  He was in the easy class.  At 15 years old he was racing in the 14-34 age class.  Who the fuck would put together a 14-34 age class and thinks any teen under 18 would have a chance?  14 year olds have less hair on their balls than most 34 year olds have grey hair for Christs sake.  Regardless, Milo was the last kid on the green course to qualify in.  May not have been pretty but who cares, he made the main event on Sunday.
Mac raced on Sunday as well, but no qualifier.  Apparently there was 40 or so 13 and under kids in his class?  Holy shit.  Texting thru the day back and forth to the Clines we got video and updates from them.  Tension filled the house in Seattle as before the boys left I sat them down for a talking too.  Mac, do you know why I'm sending you down to the Derby, where you're missing school and the dough it will cost us?  "To have fun Dad, right?"  No son, I'm sending you because you got fucked over at the Baker Banked Slalom last year with it not running.  You were 11 in the 11 and under Groms class and had a good chance of winning it and having your name in the record books like your brother has.  So I'm sending you down here to win.  I don't care if you have fun or not,  just win.  You understand?  "Yea Dad."
And Milo, you know why I'm sending you down?  "To win Dad!"  No, you don't stand a chance in this 14-35 so I'm gonna tell you what Gumby told me on my first business trip for Northwave.  There's no sense me sending you all the way down there if no one knows you showed up.  Make yourself stand out in the crowd, do something different than the rest of the clowns there, alright?  "Yep."
Mac ended up winning his class and Milo finished 14th out of 39 in the finals. He was the youngest in the top 24 in his vast age group.   On top of that, on Thursday he ran into Austin Sweetin who ended up grabbing him for an entire day to shred with.  Pretty memorable, and with that I say "Mission Accomplished."
Thanks Mr. Dirkson for letting the boys compete in an event WE have wanted to do for the last 6 years or so, Riley for the taxi ride and photos, Kim and Jason Cline for being coach, cook, wax tech, video grapher and stand in me.  Without you guys, none of this could of happened.

Gnar holding Milo's "temp" race deck as DWD head honcho Jeff Keenan said it would be cool for Milo to ride a CAPiTA so I didn't have to spend $50 to tune Milo's board and then just detune it after the race.  Mac was on one of them special race base CAPiTA's that Blue built Milo to win the Banked Slalom on, which he did.  The board cost like $1,000 cause of the base and probably contributed to Gnars speed.
They took off on Thursday with Riley and Myles.  I gave them the Burban for comfort.
Gnar on course.
RV life with Wyatt and Owen Cline.
Milo in practice.  T-Bird sent this one to me.
Milo said "best day ever Dad" riding with these guys.  Which he's said a 100 times but somehow I believe him on this one.
Coach Kim Cline shot this one. 
Milo squeaked into the main event.

Winner Wegnar.  Cannon Cummins got second.  Pretty rad.
He's Stoked!  I'm not, cause I know he left that mitten on the ground.


  1. Nice recap, fun to follow since I couldn't be there myself either. Listen to those doctors, they know better than we do!

  2. Loved reading this you crazy man!!

  3. So impressed with your kids. Congrats to Mac! And I'd say Milo was solid in that group. He should be proud of himself too! I'm sure you missed not being there with them. I hope you're healthy as ever as soon as possible. Love you always