Thursday, February 20, 2014

THE best show on TV these days

All the drama with the Oh-Limp-Dicks have been killing me the past two weeks.  No Shawn, Danny, Nate, Tora, Trevor or Lindsey ending up in the winners circle?  Oh the drama.  Bob Costa's and the rest of them ole balls commentating just suck.  Period.   Then all the gay ass ice skating and dancing they run over and over and over...what the fuck?  How the hell is ice dancing a sport?  Yea, there's an athletic component to it, but if that's a sport, then ballroom dancing and break dancing should be in the summer Olympics.  Downhill skiing's rad to watch, I love seeing them own the mountain.  Them dudes and ladies are true athletes.  Ted Ligity?  The man is the truth.  But half pipe skiing is a joke.  Why do them clowns have ski poles that are two feet tall?  I guess it's the same reason they run bindings that randomly let them eject from their skis.  Bump skiing?  Are you kidding me.  Bounce, bounce, bounce, do a stupid air, bounce, bounce, bounce, even dumber air, then pretend your still bouncing but going straight and then pump your fists in the air.  Shit only fly's if your at Hunter Mountain and you drove your Trans Am to the hill with your ski's in the trunk.  Aerials, Jesus Christ we have high diving in the summer Olympics, there's no need to repeat the crap in the winter.  Snowboard Cross made me cringe. Holy shit, was that embarrassing.  Yea, let's put 6 dudes on a course, watch them roll down the windows on every jump so they look like their jumping off bridges, then have the entire field wipe out cause they can't handle the course, and then call THAT the excitement of Snowboard Cross.  Even worse watching the ladies knock themselves out and blow their knees.  When you watch Supercross, do you see the entire field eat shit every moto?  Point made.  Then that attention whore that just won't stop, Lolo Jones.  That chick just sucks.  Please get it over and pose in Playboy.  CHOKER.

Fuse TV, thank you for Insane Clown Posse Theater.   It's the only thing saving me from putting a gun in my mouth and blowing my head off because the Oh-Limp-Dicks have cock blocked every decent show from running these days.  Thank you Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope for your raw dog opinion on pop culture.