Monday, February 24, 2014


SCORE.  That's how to sum up Krauth and Griff's trip out west this past 4 day weekend.  Pow, more pow, shred hero's and puke.

Thursday the boys landed and we were on the hill by 5PM for the best night session I've ever had.  Lines filled in every run, park pow was off the charts.  Buckets were thrown.
 GoHard and Dangler are in town filming CAPiTA's movie for next season, STAY BADASS. 
 Yep, everyone where's a helmet these days. 
 Breakfast of multiple shats.
 Korn-Occoloppo threw down in Shims meadow and didn't get his pass pulled.
 The camera failed everytime Griff got radical.
 Cowboy hike proved worthy.  Griff got delirious and Krauth got pitted.
 Even though Griff wears black, his light shines.
 THIS was the shit.  Parking lots packed on the weekend, no pow to be found?  Yea, heard of Chief Tree's to the road? Good.  Don't do it, it sucks.
 Logic texted me this:  "Burton Pillow Fight AND Scott Sullivan in the foggy goggle? If Griff can't get laid tonight he should sleep on the train tracks. "  Griff didn't understand.
 We picked up a stranger for the evening.  He puts the strange, in stranger.
"Yea, uh Scott Sullivans playing at the mountain tonight boys, wanna go?"  "Yea, sure"  "Oh and Wes Makepeace and Jamie Lynn are playing with him too." 

 Griff can puke on command.  He has limited lung capacity because of his prior career as a wood worker.  Therefore he usually pukes after getting after it. 

 Shit's still funny EVERY TIME.
 Gnar found us some uber mini bike lines yesterday.
 Milo had to step shit up a notch.
Good trip fella's.  Thanks for coming out.  See you boys next year, with Matty B and Toe Knee.

Post script to this post:
"Oh man what the fuck, YO you need to get back in your truck.  For some reason I feel real weak, could be that I left my phone on your teak.  I know I got to fly my ass home, but how can I do it without my phone?  Please send me my mobile device, so I can look at the photo's of me not riding ice. "

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