Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2Morrow it's on like Don Key Kong

These two homo-wners show up for a little eXtremeboat reunion at the cabin.  59 years worth of being heckling friends with these two.  Thanks for the effort and patience boys.  Can't wait to ruin you on the first day seeing how we just got 8 feet or so of new 'der in the last week.

This shot was taken in 2010, the last time we hung out together at Stevens.  I GUARANTEE that these two are running the exact same kit 4 years later.  Rip Dildo GoreTex, with no waist gaiter, some Northwave KJ boots, Bakoda gloves, and of course borrowed boards.
1990 eXtremeboat dream team.  Matty B ("Hey Matty B, Korn and Griff are coming out, you in?  Fuck my life.), Griff, yours truely (pony tail and all) and Korn.  This was taken with a very large film camera back then.  Selfies were incredibly hard to do.
"I know why you call me Ukia, it's that time I puked!"   
  Korn "dude I did this for the money."  Whore.  
Too bad the whole crews not back together for this. Toe Knee's running a concussion and doesn't even know his last name. The Snot Rockets too busy flipping burgers. Matty B is in Indiana for some God awful reason. Dirty Doozer is running a Bar Effect class or something like that. Spencers in Russia, at them stupid ass Oh-Limp-Dicks. HassleHuck and Matty G are busy figuring out some conspiracy theory. The rest of the Sport Stalker crowd just grew up or I hate em now, yea I'm talking about you Rob Ruhl, you fag.  De-friend me on FaceDildo for making fun of your kids bowl cut?  Jesus Christ your wife's a lawyer, you can afford a haircut.  But T-Bone the Menace is rolling in next week!

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