Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter Reset 2014

Holy shit, welcome to 2014 winter. It took you a while to show up didn't it. From a 60" base last week to 105" base today, things got hectic last week. All the good, doesn't always mean good though.
Yesterday Casual Dan ping ponged off some avy chunder into some tree's and collapsed a lung and broke 5 ribs after waiting in line and being chair one up to the goods.  Then long time Skykomish local Ken Kelley, all around humble hill mauler, and dude with an eternal smile hit his head on a rock in Corona Bowl and died.  All this on the anniversary of the Tunnel Creek Avy that happened two years ago.  On top of that, my wife got her dome rung by some "really nice Mexican dude in white pants that hit me from behind on his snowboard."  Good thing she had her helmet, cause she was seeing stars for the rest of the weekend.  Snowboarding's fun, that's for sure, but it ain't fun enough to die for.  Be safe, look gay and wear a helmet. 

Milo straight lining down some 7th Heaven goods
Mac rolling off a mini cliff in Corona bowl
 Ken sending it a couple weeks ago on the hip in the park. 
Condolences go out to Ken Kelley's family as well as all the ole Stevens Pass shred dogs for the loss of their partner in crime.  R.I.P.


  1. Wow. Points to ponder for sure.


  2. I have lotsa thoughts, feelings, and emo on this... let's cry in beers and eat some hot wings, I'll tell ya all 'bout IT.