Sunday, March 17, 2013

Minor Threat 4 / After Party pho-toes

Riders meeting all Boys Club / Team Sport take a knee style.  "Fella's, this is how this is gonna go down!  There will be winners and losers.  Not everyone will take home a trophy today, this is NOT the Boys And Girls Club."
The set up was titties. Park crew killed it, wish the weather would of cooperated.  You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but those two tents and two flags took four fathers almost an hour to figure out how to erect in the blazing wind.
Rope tow After Party Jam was pretty insane.  Watching Russell Winfield run thru 10 consecutive laps and then stand in front of you with his heart jumping out of his chest was amazing.  What was more amazing though, was watching 50 kids stay on the tow for a hour and a half and never stop sessioning the snow filled course.
The bracket cards.
This was today, after the contest.  17" in 24 hours, 15" in 12 hours.  Our Canadian friends stayed down and shredded some of the best pow of the season with Geno and Sleepy.  Ri Ri was a 21 year old 12 year old.   And that's a good thing.   Today was an incredible end to a busy ass weekend.
Thank you Kiah, Nate, Jules, JOHN FIRTH, Brian, Top Phlite Park Crew and Stevens Pass for hosting our event.  Thanks the DWD team and Sean Genovese for cruising down and supporting our event.  Big thanks to Scott Stevens for flying in fresh off from wrecking himself in Bear all week filming this, to come up and shred 3 days with all the kids.  Thanks to Kid Fresh, Sweaty, Julissa, Russell, Wainhouse, Jordo, Logic, B-Rad, Riles, I'm in charge Steve and the Billquisha Dawson for busting their asses to run the event.  Hi 5 to Casual Industree's, POW Gloves, Von Zipper, 32, SnoCon, CAPiTA, Union and COAL for throwing down product for the contest.  One more thanks to the family's from Seymour, Whistler, Idaho and WA for coming out to the contest. Lastly, thanks to Matt and Kyle for kicking ass and making the trophies. 

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  1. Sick boys! And girls!

    That lank: your man SS's judos are ridiculous. And the switch Frankie Hill one-foot ollie tailgrab thing just CANNOT be real. CGI.