Friday, March 15, 2013

Em Tee For

Minor Threat 4, tee's and trophies. 

Tomorrow, 9AM-10AM signup in Guest Services.  Tickets $25 for the kids.  Comp gets rolling at 10:30ish.  Head to head park laps.  Scott Stevens and Sean Genovese, yea they'll be there too RUNNING hot laps with the kids.  Russell Winfield, yea he'll be sitting on his ass judging.  If that wasn't a name dropping session, then I got to hang around Josh Parker a little more.
14 and under's only for the contest, 3PM over at the rope tow, we're doing a Minor Threat After Party.  Run the rope tow, hit the features with Sean, Scott and a bunch of our local shreds.  Shit, maybe Russell will strap his big boy pants on and get wicked with ya too!

Casual Dan and crew screened us up some tee's.
Living The Dream and Savage Matt built us the trophies.

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