Monday, March 18, 2013

Minor Threat 4 rider photos - UP dated.

So sick.  Riley had his bro Paul Stanley show up and shoot the kids.  Great photo's in challenging conditions.  Thanks Paul. Jake from COAL shot a bunch of stills too.  Too good not to add. Enjoy, and thanks fellas.

Riders Meat Ting

"Hey GUY...what do you mean, do your qualifying runs count?"

Carson name ever to go with best kit ever.  4 year veteran of Minor Threat. 
Judges...funny too cause these dudes can be pretty judge mental.  Wainhouse, Fraga, Billquisha Dawson and Russell Winfield.   I heard American Idol wants these dudes next.

These judges look CASUAL here.

Milo meth
Aiden Kelly's been riding one year.  Got a mean method too.   Almost took down the Golden Boy in the Semi's.  Luckily for Milo, he had home mountain luck on his side.  Or cause it was his Dads contest. 

7 year old Owen. 8 and under winner.
I can hear Russell screaming at this kid "knock that shit off!"
Matteao, 13/14 winner.
Bakers finest, Hank Kennedy, 2nd 13/14.

Golden boy again.
Owe Win.
Wyatt, Owens older brother, 2nd in 8and under.
We Gnar.
Kaola, 1rst 11/12.
 Billquesha delivering the prizes to the groms. 
8 and unders - Owen, Wyatt and Paisley.  Look how stoked Logic is, cause he just handed out a bunch of hats to a bunch of moms.  Creep.
9/10 - Finn, Zack and WeGnar
11/12 - Kaola, Milo and Issy
13/14 - Matteao, Hank and Will
Krugs and Ri-Ri

Sweaty and Scott
Gnar at the After Party

Meier Bracken got loose!
Sleepy Stevens doing the rail dance


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    when i saw the pic of the backie... put that knife in me and crank it. these kids rip.

  2. So sick!

    Props to goofy-footed Mighty Mi on figuring out how to turn a regular-method base graphic into a right-side up photo incentive: GET UPSIDE DOWN!

    So sick! I wanted to go but I thought it was gonna rain and I was positive it was snowboard parks. Definitely would've said something stupid and got punched by some dad or a Merv dude.

    Right on though, hyped on this!

  3. wait, this dude's TWELVE?

  4. And that one-knee hunker down in the first pic is pure coachmode dude ahahahahahahaaha with the radio too?

  5. 8 years at Boys and Girls Club coaching taught me this.

  6. srslytho look at that hunkerdown! So ready to break out a stick and draw the play in the dirt.