Sunday, December 04, 2011

More Euro

So far, Seattle to Geneva Switzerland, to Friburg to Biel, to Lucerne Switzerland, then to Innsbruck for a night and now in Zell am See Austria. Great Euro tour so far. Here's why...

A Lucerne family
fashion tag done right
Lucerne, notice them swans?  Postcard bro.
$35G euro Carl Buchier watch.  Who the fuck is Carl?
 A mellow $56G euro Rolly. 
Klaus, our Innsbruck host devouring Gluvine.  Cider, wine and spices. 

Schnitzle.  Next level.
Schnapps, and not that peppermint bullshit you drank in high school.  Shits High Test.
First we make party...Vodka Red Bulls YO!
I-Chat with home.  Funny as shit.
Kaprun Glacier.  One of the only places in euro open with snow.  Shits bare here right now.

Euro mabs.


  1. Kaprun Tram Fire.
    The Schnitz looks delicious.

  2. I think its strange how 2 people from the same neighborhood in seattle can happen to be on the same blog post from china.


  3. god damn it. can you at least post pics of Hero puking/shitting/or sleeping (what he usually does while people are having fun)

  4. who in the hell is running Kinco gloves???