Thursday, December 01, 2011

That time of year again

Euro Sales Meeting time...the last 4 years we've done our winter meeting abroad, and following tradition, Zell em See Austria where this years C3 winter sales meeting is taking place.  It's a small ski willage (euro for village) in Austria that has glacier skiing as well as the regular stuff.  Looks like we'll be getting our glacier on over here though, seeing how it's like fucking August over here with the weather.  Europe, clearly hasn't heard the news that it's another La Nina year, like we have in the Northwest.
Gums, Kris and I came over half a week before everyone else for a little R and D.  We flew into Geneva and drove to Friburg Switzerland to meet up with Jak and Eddy from hOme watches.  The brothers welcomed us with a hOme cooked meal in the house that they grew up in downtown.  To say the insides of this place were a interior designers wet dream, would be an understatement.  All the wood work, doors, cabinets and what not were pretty next level, and passed down from a few generations.  The next day we got treated to watch world 101 and to tell you the truth, I was kinda blown away with the whole day as we went from clinic to watch factory.  That's Swiss Watch Factory.  Recognize!  Anyway...
Super wagon
N.W.A. was here.  Fuck da police, euro style.
Eddie & Jak
A hOme, no a watch factory.
Place watch face on machine, push magnifier over, line up face perfectly, test on a strip of paper, throw away paper, screen the face, remove, look over with a microscope, do over.  And over.  And over...At one of the watch factorys we visited in Biel Switzerland, the watchmaking capital of the world.

This is what 8 hours sleep in 3 days looks like.  Attractive eh?
A master watch builder.  Crazy.  Micro tweezers, magnifying glasses, mini screwdrivers are tools of the trade.  Oh, and patience and skillz.
Dinner in Lucerne, N.E.L.T.S.

Two old Swatch bro's walking the hall at the National.  Gums and Max.
Hendrics and tonic, check.

Dude took the freshly cooked pasta from the dish, then swirled it around in this cheese log for 5 minutes, then served it. 

Max was the President of Swatch North America, back when Swatch was pretty much Apple.  To say the dude knows a thing or two about anything and everything is an understatement.  Pretty rad night to spend with the boys.
Off to Innsbruck Austria today.

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