Sunday, December 11, 2011

Euro, final days

After Sundays day on the glacier it was time to do, what we came there to do. Salesmeeting stuff. It was the brands time to present over a years worth of work and show the 2012/13 collections to our world wide sales force.

This is where it went down.  The Porsche Center in Zell am See.  Yes, Porsche like the car, not the shitty glasses.
Wiener made the COAL catalog once again, and made the big screen. 
U drinking the Kool Aid?  You a Fan Boi?
Brad Bradley and Dan Broadwell won two of the three Defenders Of Awesome awards given to our world wide sales force for an outstanding job on taking shit to the next level.  Congrats boys.
A quick day two on the glacier, before some meetings.  Storming like a mother fucker this time. Sweaty don't care though. 
Charlie came all the way to Austria and the snow fell because of it.
USA all the fucking way.  All our dudes flew with the owls and rose with the eagles.  No hung over bullshit excuses of not riding.  YEA GUY!

Flour City and NCP.
Toshi was VERY well behaved this trip.  Impressive actually.  Dude acted like upper management.
Ichy, Ichy, Ichy, Ichy...k, so he had one slipped moment, but he did it for the crowd.
I had a steak named after me because my meats so tasty.
This crazy bitch brought her dog in the resturante. 
Dude owns the place.  Incredible joint in Kaprun.  Took good care of us, and fed us liberal amounts of his favorite schnapps.
Euro Brad
Schnap house
Wilmoths got some good body in that hair of his.
Final day on the hill was classic C3 Euro adventure style.  We show up to Euroland and only the glaciers are open.  Ski hills are grass hills.  Couple days later, snow flys and we're shralping full blown pow days in the sun. miring bro?  You miring our fucking sunny Euro pow day with Joni Makinin?  Thought so.
Day ender on the glacier.  Thanks Europe.

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  1. joni "fu#*ing" makinnen. soo rad. homie still wears all black eh, dude is awesome