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Retro Snow pieces

Retro Snow put together a little "vintage" shred stick collection display down at evo. Maxx and Dave knew I had some 'quirky' shit in my basement so they asked if I wanted to show it. Sure, why not. Spent an evening in the basement staring up at the rafters at my 40 or so decks that mean nothing to anyone but me and pulled em down. They asked for a little 'story' about the shit too. If your a reader of the Box, then for the most part you've read most of this before. But fuck it, I'll bore you fuckers that didn't make it down for the free beer with what I had one more time. Enjoy.

Snurfer, Supersport Racing Model, 1964
Item Description - Sherman Poppin INVENTED snowboarding. He also lived in Steamboat. At a Transworld Industry conference in Vail he asked me to teach him how to ride the “bumps.” Later that year he rolled into the snowboard shop with this deck as a sign of apprecation. I asked him how many of those he had in his basement and he said “12, no wait, now 11.” This had the wrappers on it and all. He signed it to the shop I was at and it left with me when I left. Skeeter, 1980
Item Description - Back when I couldn’t afford a snowboard, my Mom brought this shit show home this to me. I’d take it to the New Bedford Golf Course and straight line it down the hill till I balled up into a mess at the bottom. This…is what started me shredding back in 1983.

Winterstick, 1982
Item Description - When I was a young BMX racer I always saw snowboarding in the mags. And this surf shop in Rhode Island, Redney's On the Beach, was the only place that carried shred sticks. I used to drool over the Wintersticks whenever I went in there but could never afford one. In 1997 I moved to Seattle and the first day I was here, saw this gem at a yard sale. Dude wanted me to pay $50 for it because “you could still ride this at the hills if you wanted.” I called bullshit and offered him $5. We settled on $7, and these decks are going for about $2,500 on E-Bay right now. The only place I’m riding this stick is right to the bank!

Burton, Performer Elite 140 Model, 1985
Item Description - After seeing 4 years of advertisements in my BMX Plus magazines for this new winter sport called snowboarding, I borrowed an unregistered, uninsured 1983 Cadillac Eldorado with a faulty fuel injector from a Boston Mafia Bosses daughter and in October of 1985 drove from Salem MA to Manchester VT and purchased my first snowboard with my room mate Sparky. We bought a couple of Elite 140’s for $120. We wanted the 150’s but they were like $20 more and we chose to buy booze instead. We’d bounce our asses on our dorm room beds doing donkey kicks hoping the chicks would dig us. They didn’t and thought we were gay. Our local hill was Tenny Mountain in NH and you had to get certified before they’d let you shred. I still have that card. And I still snowboard, 26 seasons later.

Avalanche, Accel 180, 1984
Item Description - I got this deck and another matching one with bindings back in 1994 when I worked at snowboard shop in Steamboat. We wanted them for decoration at our new brew pub that was in town. Chris Sanders, the owner of Avalanche sent me these two boards on the condition that “if” he ever needed them back, I would deliver them to him. As a bonus, he had his brother, Damian, sign this one. Damian was the original rock star of snowboarding. Please don’t tell Chris I still got this stick.

Rad Air, Reto Lamm Pro Model, 1994
Item Description - When I lived in Steamboat and worked for the snowboard shop, I also moonlighted as the USA Snowboard Liaison for a euro snowboard company called Radical Airlines. My job was to give feedback on what was going on in the USA market. One summer I was reading the articles in Playboy magazine and ran across a picture of a young lady bent over. I drew the photo the best I could on a traced out snowboard, and FAXED it to Europe. Reto Lamm was the first dude to ever win the Air and Style contest and saw the roughly sketched fax and had a real artist transform it into his pro model base graphic for that next year. Reto is Europe’s Craig Kelly by the way. Still involved in snowboarding too, running the TTR snowboard contest series.

A-Snowboards, Royal 164 Model, 2003
Item Description - Regis Rolland is the for father of European snowboarding. If you ever get a chance to see the Apocalypse Snow movies, do so. You’ll see this crazy ass Euro booting down Mountains in Moon boots, strapped to a snowboard with bungee cords. Dude road gaps shit too with that set up. Dude, happens to be Regis. He’s like 50 now, still crazy as fuck and still shredding mountains. We worked together for a while and I got this from him signed to my kids.

F2, Revo Model, 2006
Item Description - We did a St. Anton Austria shred trip back in 2006. A bunch of Americans riding some real American branded stuff too. We stuck out like sore thumbs. One thing I noticed over there was a heap of F2 snowboards. And this one in particular caught my attention. It has two tubes in the core that you pump up with a bike pump to change the flex on the snowboard. Freestyling? Minimal air. Hard charging eXtreme guy? Pump up the volume. Only in Europe.

Morrow, Freepro 179, 1994
Item Description - When I lived in Steamboat, Morrow Snowboards did a travelling pro tour to snowboard shops around the country. Matt Goodwill was one of the pro’s who showed up to Steamboat and allowed us to show him around the hill. It was this experience of watching him destroy our terrain that let my group of friends and me know that we would NEVER be pro snowboarders. EVER. Years later I end up having my home mountain be his old stomping grounds. I get a little shit hole cabin in the host town of Skykomish and hand over some used bindings to one of the locals to pass around to who ever could use em. In return he brings me this. The actual snowboard that Matt Goodwill won the Alaska King of the Hill snowboard contest on. What comes around, goes around.

Steepwater, Steve Klassen Model, 2006
Item Description - Wave Rave Mammoth is arguably one of the corest snowboard shops in the states. It’s been operating for 20 or so years and is owned by 3 time world extreme snowboard champion Steve Klassen. Steve is a quirky dude too. In business and in his riding utensils. He only rides in them old ass Burton Freestyle boots (96) with the rubber bottoms, as well as only using the first generation Burton full carbon bindings. His board that he rides has zero camber, minimal side cut and a slight taper. In business, he only deals with snowboard companies. No ski brands and no publicly held companies. My business meeting with Steve always happened at the on snow demo in Mammoth. He’d roll down vender row, point at me and say “lets go, tell your boys you’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Then go out and give me a guided tour of all of Mammoths hot spots. I asked him for one of his ridden decks once, because the dude is SO SNOWBOARDING. I’m stoked to have this part of my collection. Thanks Steve.

Farmer Snowboards, Gargle My Balls, 2006
Item Description - This is actually my SECOND Farmer snowboard. Shawn’s tag line was “Don’t be a pussy, ride a Farmer.” I was at Snowbird riding some epic pow and we ran into Shawn and his business partner Rocket Reeves. Farm gave my buddy Benny a board to ride at the tram station then walked off and proceeded to drink beers instead of shred pow. Ben looked at me and handed me the board saying “I’m not going to ride this thing, they’ll be out of business next year. Here you collect this shit.” This second Farmer Snowboard was a birthday present from my friends at Porter’s Tahoe. Enablers of sorts for Farmer. They had Shawn write me a little note to personalize it too. “Gargle my balls!” Classic Farmer.

O-Matic, Todd Richards Awesome Pro Model, 2008
Item Description - Todd Richards does not age. The dude is like 40 years old and still throws down with the best of them. I met Todd on Cape Cod in the early 90’s at a bike shop I was working at. He was riding for Sims back then. Later on in the Colorado days, I was lucky enough to shoot photos of him for a few companies. One of the photos I actually sold of him was to a glove company called Kombi. They ran the photo with the tag line “Grip it, Grip it Good.” Todd quit on the spot as soon as he saw it. A couple of years ago he asked if he could “buy” some of the photos I took of him skating. I told him I wanted HIS shred stick instead. And here it is, AWESOME.

CAPiTA, Charlie Schlosser, 2011
Item Description - TB3, you seen it? Todd Schlosser is one of the dudes that PUT the NW on the map. Todd and Blue are good buds and since Todd retired from the pro game, Blue's been taking care of his bro. Retired or not, Todd is still out there mauling shit. Kinda Todd Richards style. Well a year ago Blue gave Todd a Charlie Slasher, and it changed his life. So he says. It's he only thing he rips on. Holy Oly quarter pipe? On a Charlie. Park booters? Charles. Backcountry pow pow. C'mon. So being the guy that he is, Blue took shit to the next level and got a little something something made for the hometown ripper. A Charlie Schlosser. Todd got 1 for the wall, and two to destroy, while we got 9 of them for dudes that want something a little different than the average Charlie. On top of that, Todd numbered and signed em. Look for them on the c3-Shop soon. Actually, theres only 8 of em, I'm keeping one.

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