Saturday, November 13, 2010


You ever see that Seinfeld episode where Jerry throws the $20 bill out the window, then a couple of minutes later he finds one in his coat? I think he called it even Steven or something like that cause he felt like he couldn't loose. Well this trip to Coloradical for the WWSRA demo felt like that for me. Things started out good, and kept getting better. WE couldn't loose. And by WE, I mean Milo and I.
It was Monday night and I hear the Wiener ask Mom if he could have a sleep over on Wednesday cause it was Vets day on Thurs, meaning no school. And for years I told Graves that I wanted to bring Milo to the first demo of the season. A quick call on Tuesday to him confirmed that it would be cool to have son in tow and with 55,000 miles donated to Alaska Airlines (the amount to go to Mexico) the lil fucker was sitting shot gun with dad on Wednesday mornings flight leaving Seattle at 7a.m. arriving in Denver at 11. Shred time before scholar was the motto here.

Rise and shine kid.
50 min D.I.A. to Loveland drive.
We grabbed bags, jumped in the car and was riding the chairlift for our first runs of the season at 1pm with ole shop arch enemy Chris Smith from Power Pursuits. If you would of told me 22 years ago that I would be stoked to be riding with the enemy (think 90's shop rivalry's - big ones) on opening day, I think I probably would of put a gun in my mouth to prevent it. Regardless, Chris still rides like he did 22 years ago and we had a blast. Tons of old Colorado heads were running around too. Scott Graham, Pat O'Toole, Hoyal, Hulick, Gags, Fox, Carrigan, Mike D, BERN...the list goes on.

Chris Smith, Milo and I...first chair.
WWSRA demo madness
Mike D is more of a kid than Milo is. That's a good thing.
Philip and Mi walking by some dudes letting their Flow go.
We wake up Thursday morning in Denver to snowfall and it was back to day 2 of the demo. All the off season cardio classes made the body feel like it was finally working at acceptable non excuse levels too. Weather was sunny, nice cold temps, great snow...shit was perfect. So perfect in fact that Milo grinned me into missing our flight home in order to join Graves and the Emage boys to watch the Nuggets beat the undefeated Lakers in an unbelievable game of team sports from row 15! The action on the sidelines was good as the shit on the courts. 2 fights in the stands was part of the entertainment. As well as all the people watching. See there's two types of people at the games. Dudes who come out to watch the game, and babes that go to the games to be watched. Seriously, it was probably a 50/50 ratio of these people too.

Nuggets stadium grizzly action
Shawn from Emage endured an entire first half of the game with question after question about the game from Milo. Thank god the beers were free, huh?
15th row, $115 Thanks EMAGE!
114 to 110, Lakers SUCK but Vail still loves you Kobe!
Unfortunately we couldn't get on an early flight out of Denver on Friday morning (ahem) so after a little early morning computer work we headed back to the hill to meet Branden from Emage for a mid morning shred session. After he handed us our complimentary tickets, we followed him around his home mountain for a couple of hours. Hi 5's and a hug later he was out of there and it was finally some quality father son time. "You want to get a hot chocolate then get back after it for a hour before we got to head to the airport son?" "Sure." In the lodge we walk and hello Warble family. Next Gen Banked Slalom winner Cody Warble was sitting at the table eating lunch with dad and mom. Back at it the posse was tight when Pat Millberry joined the crew, keeping us on the hill until 3, when we were supposed to depart at 2.

Millberry, Warble and Mi

Stressed, undressed and in the car we blazed past the big horned sheep and thru dirty ole Denver to D.I.A. Walking thru security, on the train and right on the plane. Making it stress free and in time to catch the last soccer game of the season, on Saturday...which wasn't stress free.

So I had some spaghetti, meatballs and a sausage for dinner. Mmmmmm.

This was trip 100 or so to Denver since I moved away in 97, and it was surely the funnest, as well as being pretty damn productive. Grassy ass Graves family, Philip, Chrissy, Emage boys, Sushi Sa Sa, Johnny, Mike D, Loveland Pass, Warbles, Millberry and Milo for keeping things rad.


  1. where's the bad stuff to even-steven this out? Strange maths holmz.

  2. bad Shit? We had to come home.