Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pay it 4-ward

Cruising the Easy Loungin forums the other day and run across THIS post: "The MOST INCREDIBLE thing in the world just happened to me......I really cant even believe it..... So its opening day today @ my resort (snowbird) and I see a guy rocking last years Charlie Slasher at my window.....So I ask him about it and we chat for a bit....He swings back by when I am on the phone with a customer, this time with the bindings taken off the board.....He asks me if I want to come out and chat for a minute, so I shut down my window and go out for a chat. Turns out, the guy already has his new charlie for this season....and he's GIVING ME his old Charlie. It's in pretty good shape, I cant believe my good luck! Thank you so much Chris, wherever you are! Christmas came early for me this year, so stoked right now.....just gotta find some forces to throw on it."
Turns out it's one of Blue's SnowBird bro's: "Blue did hook me a new Charlie (hence the deal we had to hand it down to someone in need) and a new pair of Forces.. i had my eye out for a good candidate and this kid was perfect. rode it all day today on opening day at the bird.. pow day..
on my way to another tram in the morning he yelled through his ticket window/money slot like "yooo charlie slasher! how is that thing" asked me a bunch of questions.. said he had been tryin to find a decent deal on an 09/10 online etc etc... i told him if he was able, to definitely get one...
later in the day after i finished.. went and took my bindings off.. went back up to the window and said if he came outside and got it.. it was his. kid was SO hyped...... he couldnt believe it. haha.. "dude, i'm gonna shred this thing all OVER this mountain.. you can count on that!"

Love storys like that. Much better that the shit you read in the news.


  1. silverback3:55 PM

    Hell yeah!!!! Thats what I'm talking about!!!!

  2. what comes around goes around. great story.


  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    that's rad.