Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Blood Pressure Riser

Saturdays soccer was off the charts, for my blood pressure that is. The Villians were playing the only team they've lost to, The Blue Rhino's and a win puts them at the top of the soccer dudes in their division. Whatever that means.
First half, 2-0 Villians. Then it all started to unfold for them in the second half. Rhino's came out swinging, tieing shit up and firing shot after shot on goal all the way down to the 5 min left in the game mark.
Meanwhile, I'm losing my shit on the sideline, questioning the coaching, weather, God, my gender...shit you name it. I wanted that win more than the team for Christs sake. Then my mouth opened and out popped "MILO, you score and I'm buying your ass a CAR!" Don't know if that was the catalyst but the kid went on a mission. Boom, Villain steals the ball, past 3 Rhinos and fires one in. 3-2, Villian. Not one to rest on 3-2 victory, lil guy took control once again with a min left and corner kicked that shit in past a Rhino horn for a DECISIVE 4-2 victory helping the Villians be the FORCE in U11 Ballard Soccer.
2 min after the ender, Nolan, Coach Tom, Caleb, Milo, Leo (athlete) and Kian. Soaked and Stoked.

This kids incredible. Leo Rivera MAKES shit happen on the field. And he's pulling chicks already, in 5th grade. At least that's what he tells me.
"Ahhh good job kid, I'm proud of you. I ain't buying you a car though. Maybe you can come to CO with me on Wed. Shhhh."

Later that evening, round two of soccer. This time a party for the U8 Ligers, Macs team.

W.W.D. got to relax a little bit with a dude named Knob Creek. Nice guy from what I remember.

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  1. Chuck Schick12:14 PM

    Nice rain gear party dad.