Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Super Pro's this week

Damn, there are a lot of smart motherfuckers out there. Peep these shop dogs that all got hooked up:

Timo Nelson - Allrose
Chantal Breukal - Allrose
Ross the Boss - Milo Orem
Adraon Buck - Tribute Snowboard Shop
Dan Ching - BC Surf and Sport
Jordan Thompson - Alcatraz
Dustin hunsaker - Directive board shop
Doug James - Billy's Boardshop
Ryan Howsam - Alcatraz Skates
Damian Sedagatnia - Gone Surfing
Craig Stevenson - Directive
Stephen Russell - Sierra snowboard & ski
Jon Mon(tana) - Northern Alliance
Scott MacKay - "Static"
Alex Rondeau Michon & Charles LeBlanc - Illusion
ryan - alcatraz skates
Jackie Marskell - Tribute Boardshop
Marc-André Tremblay - Illusion Sports
Eric Albrecht - Tahoe Dave's Snowboards
Blaine Rutter - Static Boardshop
Jeff Thorne - 'The Boardshop'
Danny Nyren - The youth shelter supply
Jacquie - Doug's Sports
Walter Pierowski - Stalefish Skate & Snow
Craig Stevenson - Directive
Trevor Brady - Milosport
Drew Carney - Milo Sport
Brian Furrow- Herb Bauer Sporting Goods
Alex Martin - Tribute boardshop
Chris McCann and Tyler Hauser - goodwood boarding goods
Jean-Simon Béïque - Empire
Mandy Thomson - Doug's Sports
Erik Gonzales - Emage Network
Chris Dominick - 3 Ride Shop
All these guys are pictured around The Wolf, AKA Teen Wolf, aka Zit Back.

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