Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Can't we all get along? Yes.

Was flipping thru the blog looking at comments and came across this one from Stephan at Spacecraft. Stoked. Thanks Steph.

"yo, i just wanted to apologize for the bad style, my name is stefan hofmann i am one of the owners and art men of spacecraft, we do not endorse this, its dumb. Stickers are a way of getting design out for us an interaction, this is not what we are promoting or pushing in any way, just wanted to say I was sorry for the bad style, I don’t know who stuck it but I will get the word and lash them accordingly, I love your companies, rock on"


  1. Colon3:21 PM

    hugs and a reach around for everybody, eh. I mean fuck, right as we were starting to really talk some quality shit up in thiz joint.

  2. I think ol Stephan saved himself from a future involving "have a drink that was stirred by my cock".

  3. wait till the snowboard industry crashes and coal racks are used to hang womens thongs!!

  4. Old Devun Walsh got the cock stirred drink. This photo shows Dev really stoked that I bought him a "rye and coke." He wasn't that stoked the next morning when I showed him how it was stirred not shaken.