Monday, October 30, 2006

You like apples?

Well then what do you think of dees apples?
Yea left the office at 10:30AM on Monday and arrived in lovely BURLington VT at 11:30PM. Long day to say the least, not to mention I had some douche bag sitting in front of me that for some unknown reason was convinced that her luggage goes under her seat not in front of her seat. After a few boots to her bags into the aisle, she got the point. Stupid hippie. Up on Tuesday for a quick tour of the Piatek Properties which produced a freaking waterfall, deer and some wild turkeys. Impressive to say the least. Off to check out the Beast of the East, STOWE. Which had snow. Sick. Then off to see Ebo and Tooey at Darkside Stowe. Ian showed me their classic board collection and low and behold there it was….A SIMS TERRY KIDWELL horizontal lam roundtail. I’d kill my dog for one of these and these guys had a white one and a red one. Ian sensed that there was pressure building in my pants and relieve the tension he offered me the red Kidwell. Word. Off to Embasi for a quickie, shop looked incredi. Yea Zeb. Then to Boardroom in Ma, over to Fat Trax where we caught Krissy Moo after hours checking out porn on the work computer. Or playing solitare. I forget. Then to a wonderful evening of pool with Bill and Dave from Theory. Damn, did we give them a shilacking. Shit, Piatek and I hardly ever play pool and we kicked these guys asses royally. 3AM we end up at a diner, Dave hit a median marker with his mirror (it jumped out at him) and I make the poor choice of ordering Liver and Onions and a malted milk shake. Being lactose intolerant, this proved to be hell for Chris the next day as the Polish Gas Chamber was in effect. Over to EMS for a meet and greet, then to a few Eastern Boarder locations and day two was a wrap. Oh wait, we end up hooking up with our old pal Wayno for some hysterical Wayno-isms. One's like "yea you know, I like to look at chicks with curves on em. Ones that are VOLUMPUOUS." Not voluptuous, but Volumpuous. Wayne NO. Up at 7AM and on the road be4 8 to Killington to check out the new Darkside. 5000 sq feet of brand spanking new snowboarding bliss on the Killington access road. Holy shit, what a set up. Can't wait to see it open. Then for the shocker of the trip, we roll into Out Of Bounds and get informed that they have sold 12 or 18 Palmer Crowns this year. This is a $1900 snowboard. Now, who the fuck buys a nineteen hundred dolla snowboard besides doctors or drug dealers? Still in awe. Hit BURLinton international and home ward bound is where we be.