Monday, March 09, 2015

Baldface 2015

This was my 5th trip to Baldface.  My first one was back in 09 with Benny and the boys and it was so good, so easy and so deep that it's too easy to keep going and not go elsewhere.  This years trip was different than the rest though, as it's been a pretty dry winter in the west.  We went there knowing that it may snow, but the reality was we were probably going to be riding corn snow at best.  That being said, here's a little pho toe recap of the trip.

There's certain things legal in WA and CO that aren't legal in BC.  BeCause of that, some of the people that happen to engage in that behavior (not the dude pictured) like to leave that type of stuff in this spot.  Right be4 the boarder.
Look closely and you'll see Peter Line talking softly to the customs agent about shit they can't understand.  This is the Electric Visual dudes truck getting raped by customs at the boarder.  We passed right thru with the Jedi Mind trick.  Let them thru, there's nothing in the car....
These are called Scotch Eggs.  Hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage.  So nasty that you go back for seconds.
Your heli awaits. 

Call In, Cord, Optimistic Kenny and Lady Lizzy G.
This was a post on Instadildo that we just got 2' of fresh that got called out because there's no new snow in the tree's.  I got to learn photoshop. 
Weekend At Bernies star and sometimes comedian Bobcat Goldthwait joined us. 
Klocker rocker.
The snow was fun, but not this fun so I posted a Instadildo photo from the year before saying how good it was and funny enough it's the most liked photo I've ever posted. Sorry I lied.
Dinner with Peter.  You hear about 30% of the shit he talks to you about.  And eats about 10% of the food on his plate. 
Craigs cross.  Bet you've never seen a photo of that before.
Pete's a bad ass. 
The Guch is one hell of a human as well.  This was considered a face shot on this trip.
The Baldface crew, worst snow of the 5 years I've been to Baldface but the coolest group yet.  Skier Brad, Cordell, Skin Dawg, Klocker, Colin, Burch, Bobcat, me, Lizzy G, Call In, Sweaty, Brad and Downstairs Kenny.
So Tits was riding on the cats.
No good snow, no worry, drink a little Fireball to make things interesting.

Huge barney rubble.
Creepy Kyle from Electric ran the pong table. 
$1,000 bottle of whiskey is the entertainment Klocker provided.  #richguyproblems
It was good having Kind Sister there.
Sweaty made onion soup out of onions. 
Euro Brad.
Dudes hiking.
To the spot we were already at.  Fat asses.
Apparently I was pretty stoked to be there, lazy eye and all.

Outdoor art sesh with Jamie Lynn.
The final night, was a dress up party for all 35 men that showed up and one women.  So...yea went with the flow.  Guch approved of the halter top. 
This was some sort of energy bar that was served.   I couldn't sleep, too much vegan or something in the ingredients. 
Tyson from High Tide MFG joined us for a layback on the last day.  Dude was super nice and rips.   His board rode pretty incredible as well.
Later Jamie, later Ricky.

Till next year boys.  Thanks for the miles of smiles. 

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