Monday, February 23, 2015

That's what up

Ahhh, the last month on the road.   Flew by...

But it's pretty rad when you ranDUMBLY run into one of your long time bro's that now lives in Australia and is at Mt. Rose on the same day you are, AND they just got 40".  Sup T-BONE!
Mt. Rose was epic.
The lake...Tahoe.
Up at 4:45 AM, out the door of Kings Beach Tahoe area and off to Reno to catch a 6:40AM flight to SLC.  This dude picks me up and by 11AM we're on the gondola at Snowbasin UT. 
Star Bar in east bumbfuck Utah has some amazing things on the wall. 
Came home to Team Pains workout room.  Milo's put on 17 pounds since September.  DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?
Two best pussys in the game.
Boys did it up right for mom, on V-Day.
Happy birthday babe.
Sunny, hard, park laps have been what Stevens is all about this season.  It's starting to wear on me.
Red Bellys Alex Dumbrowski came out for 3 beers though.
Been getting our Easy Rider on.
Sweaty hasn't been up since Christmas, so I left him a present.

Tex ASS.  2E with our booth at the hunting show. 
This dude used to be the MAN at Oakley when I was a shop kid.  He went to Under Amour and Giro after, and then surprised my ass at the hunting show when he was working for MACE, who makes pepper spray and tazers.  Which I now have a hookup on. 
Cowboy boots and white contrast stitched denim pockets are all over here.
T-Sabs, I got your number bro.
Just a mellow rifle to kill rabbits with.
This dude made me a custom ostrich belt.  Then smoked some meth or something like that.
Exotic all right.  All the animals that were in there, live and dead.
Til nextime.

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