Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Weak End

Summers in full swing.  Back in the rhythm of things too.  Meaning, work in the city, smile in the country. 

Back and forth to the cabin but with different mountain carving tools.  There's two more of these on the inside of the Burban. 
Got a new fish for the cabin.  That tuna in back is pretty beat up but fits the day coir.
Gotta protect them faces.

The HillBilly Ohlimpics went down in Sky, they roasted a pig. 
Porch monkeys
Dual sport Sunday.  Bike and board.
We were the only ones riding the lifts with these things.
Bike trail on the left, hand planter to the right.  This patch is pretty solid and could hold a half dozen or so rails.
Just above that patch is this.  Lots of fun shit to shape if you had a shovel.  We didn't.
A quick qear change and we were Lichen It!

GoBro rock drop.  Efficient.


  1. rail slide or gap over the bike track before the snow melts MUST HAPPEN

  2. this is rad.
    on all accounts.