Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer update

Summer.  Kids are out of school, the mountains shut down and things are busier than ever.  Here's an update:

These three donkeys started a tee shirt brand, called "So Tits."  Milo, Corey and Frank.  The origins of the So Tits brand come from Torstein Horgmo and his move "Horgasm."  As the story goes, they used that expression quite alot in the movie, and Milo took to it.    So Tits, as in "man that pow run was so tits, lets do it again before it gets tracked." 
Milo graduated 8th grade.  Now off to O'Dea all boys high school.   He's going to play freshman football.  There was a 3 day football camp this week.  Apparently, dude is the fastest running freshman.  Most likely from running from my ass hunting him down trying to ring his neck.  Wide receiver is written all over that face.  "Dad, football camp was fun and all, but man, there were a lot of douche bags there."  "Uh yea, their called JOCKS son."
Dudes been skating like a mad man, and doesn't push mongo anymore.  I guess these are called Canadian flyouts?
WeGnars been skimming up a storm down at the beach as well as skating.
Riley took Milo to the print shop and taught him how to screen his own shirts.  He bought 24 blanks, and screened like 20 of them himself. 
This is the shirt.  The rat is from Fried Rats, Laura Hadars DYI mag.  She left us a thank you note at the cabin for letting her and her dude stay there a couple of weeks two winters ago.  The boys took the rat, put their logo on it, asked her if they could use the rat and boom.  So Tits. 
Got the boat running and got my boating license.  A 6 hour on line test.  The Gnar is a rebel and don't care about being licensed.  He just drives the boat singing "fuck the police, coming straight out of the underground."
Lake life.  Well actually our rich friend lets us use his pad when he's out of town.  So we pretend. 
That set up is...SO TITS.
Wakeskate, wakesurf, wakeboard and lots of tubing bro. 
Danny Kass bought a shirt for $20.  You could, if you knew who to talk too. 
Swim meats started last night.  4 hours of this.  Gnar is a beast in the water this summer for some reason.
There's your update.  Stevens Pass Bike Park opened today.  And off we go to the cabin with the bikes...

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