Monday, July 14, 2014

The Poler LeTent Rooftop Tent

Yep I bought it.  I was looking at something to put on top of the Bourban for Griff and I to camp in at CAMPiTA this year instead of using Tonto's VW Westfalia.  That thing is incredible, but you know how unreliable VW's are, and I didn't feel good about putting 1,200 miles on a buddy's rig again, so I went looking....
Most of the shit I found that I liked were Packasports that tented out, but these things were $3G plus and when I hit them up about a "industry deal" no one replied.  Then Poler put a video out that was wicked funny and had this thing on it.  Instantly I hit up my buddy Bildo that worked there and boom, I was the proud owner of one of the 34 that they made.
It only takes 16 bolts to set the rig up, and that took 5 of us 3 hours to figure out how to properly do it.   Maybe it needs a little better instructions, or a instructional vid, cause once you do it, you could set up someone else's in less than a half hour.
Once on, the rig is incredible.  It opens and closes with ease.  Plenty of room in there too.  Milo, Mac and I slept in the thing and we were fine.  It rained one of the nights too, and there was no problem.  The mattress was good for the kids, but my old ass needed to double down and add another layer but that's easy.
All in all, if you're considering one of these, buy it.  It's SO TITS!  Seriously, love the thing.  Give it a 9.5 out of a 10.
Thanks Poler.


  1. I have a serious question: how easy is it to climb in and out of for those nighttime pees? Is there a pee tube? I'm very concerned about peeing at night. Usually if I'm sleeping in my tent I've had at least a couple beers. Those make me pee.

    Thanks you for your time,

  2. and: this pic is cool!

  3. Super easy in and out. Pee bottle though hanging out of the thing would work best.

  4. Fancy tent for someone that camps once a year, no?

  5. Twice to three times, about 12 days a year. $!,000/12=$83 a night. A room at Hood is about $135 a night. I'm winning with this thing.

  6. Debatable.

  7. let the haters hater on.

  8. I'm still pretty confused. I've come up with some benefits, but I know for sure it adds a ladder.

  9. It's a tent on a car. No benefit, just "different"...hipsters love that shit.

  10. Chongo6:27 AM

    That tent is dumb IMO. You gotta basically pack up camp, just to run to Govy.

  11. You do the same with a Westfalia.

    1. Chongo2:19 PM

      Does that Suburban have a kitchen and table n it?

      Apples and oranges. The tent sux.