Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I don't know what to say about this place that I haven't said before...but I'll say it again, GO.  Book a snowboard trip in the summer to the Glacier, camp in the woods, hang out in Govy, party in the parking lot, swim in the lakes, sk8 Windell's and HCSC, have a beer at Charlies, eat a slice at the Rat, ride go carts at Ski Bowl, bike...the place is incredible.  Here's why:

We set this bad boy up on Wednesday, took us a solid 3 hours to figure out 16 bolts.
Had a exciting swim meat the night before departure to Hood. 
WeGnars on the dive in with this relay.  The meat went til 10ish.  And we got smoked.
Which put us up at 5:30AM for a 5:58 departure to Mt. Hood.  We were going down to meet our Spokane friends for the weekend.  Milo and Mac kindly slept most of the way.
Dude can snooze anywhere.
Buy a motorcycle won't you?
This is what clueless looks like. 
Arrived at Mt. Hood in 3:34 minutes.  Killed it.  Mike Rav came in hot and swooped up the first So Tits shirt.
Temple grabbed the second.  His daughter did not condone the logo.
Leanne Pelosi's boyfriend, Jeff Keenan likes tits, so he bought the third.  He's a pretty good shred himself, and the other dude behind DWD, which is pretty tits of a company.
Gnar ran into Gigi on the lift. 
Rad Dad and I took a lap or two with two time X-Gaymes medalist Dan Brisse.  He helped coach us on our hand plant attempts, which we failed miserably at.
Milo bowl gapped to mini pipe over the fence at HCSC.  It was pretty titty's.
Cody Warble is down with Tits now that he's going into high school.  We're going to have to bring him a box of skins for all the ramp tramps he's been slaying.
Roadside camped with this the first night.  Tent walls do not block road noise.  Just so you know.
"Oh wait, was that Devun Walsh the snowboarder Dad?"  Yea Milo, it is.  Can't wait to show him the photo from 15 years ago when he wildcatted me.  BTW Josh Parker, this was day 93 of this season, month 22 in a row.  Boom, I may suck but I get a lot of days on the hill sucking.
 Oh, here it is, thanks Devun and Bj. 
  Russell Winfield actually slayed the course at the Rat Race.  Good on ya Russ.
All three of us got into the race from our friends at evo.  Thanks dudes.  Gnar, getting gnar gnar.
Golden boy in all black, Tonino style.
Haven't seen this mate in a long time.  20 something years ago he came to Steamboat, got in a Suburban with Marty Carrigan, Dave Pinkerman, Harry and Paul from Rad Air and myself and we toured all over CO, MT and to SIA in Las Vegas.  We called it the Road Soda tour as we drank beers the entire time.  He moved out of Euroland, lives in Portland now and was ripping the Rat Race course.  Good to see you Kiwi. 
Parking lot Coors Lite with YoBeat Brooke and Gigi...
And this dude, Tonino. 
Milo telling Gigi his So Tit's story.
Which led to this...
Gnar learned fs 5-ohs.
 Did some proper woods like camping the next night.  Got all AF on the camera, hoping Poler picks up the photo.  Long exposure with me shining a flashlight on the tent, see me on the side?   That's Owen, winning by the camp fire.
  Rad Dad bought up the last shirt at the Hood River Skate Pork. 
Then we went to the Schwabs compound and picked up Rocky and Clay, our new the Maine Coon cats.
And drove 5 hours thru OhLimpHeAh and TackHomeAh traffic to this sunset. 
Kind of a story book setting eh?


  1. pls adopt me.
    or hire me.
    i can cook. in a kitchen or over a fire.

  2. I'm still getting over the photoshopped pic of gums in Le Tent....so tits.