Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Introducing ApocaWAX

Monday was the kids last day of summer.  We got home from the family time weekend at the cabin and Milo instantly ghosted out.  He and Frank were out walking the city filming skate spots.  Hmmmm, not in his normal behavior as I'm the one usually driving his ass to skate parks.  Last night while I'm watching Shark Tank he goes "Dad check out the vid that Frank and I made of us skating on Monday, it's not that good and I know we should of had you make it but we wanted to make our own and learn how to do it."  Well...I'm blown away.  Frank killed it on all levels with this thing.   Oh yea,  they started a new skate wax company called "ApocaWax" to pay for a new used camera so they can film better.  The wax is made from Value Village "quality" candles, crayons, olive oil and butter.  It makes ledges slide like AstroGlide.  Watch out One Ball, the boys are coming for ya.  Oh yea, click the DudeTube button and follow these guys.  Their into that sort of thing.


  1. Good work lil dudes!!! I cant wait to post this lank when you are ALL famous and shit sitting in an Alaska waiting for the window to appear so that chopper can fly u top of some gNAr mtn...

  2. Keeping up with the mantra of the Worlds Worst Dad by giving out their secret wax formula. Blowing it.