Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day of School, a W.W.D. retrospective

Dropped the kids at school today, took the token picture, posted it and set off to work.  Ran into Frank and Logic as I was trying to jet and they reminded me of the first day of school tradition that Milo and Frank have had from Pre-K on.  Mac's always jumped in the photo's as Franks never treated him as a younger brother to his friend, but he's just Mac, Franks other friend.  A collection of first day of school photo's here from when school started for Golden Boy, and from when Gnar became Gnar.  Thanks for the reminder Frank.

2003 - 3yrs old and out of the womb.  PhiderMan was the shit then.  So were bookies. 
2004 - pre-K, on some hippie shit here.
 2005 - kindergarten and baby seat.  Rocking SnoCon and a Bubba Stewart lunchbox.
2006 - 1st and at home.  Klocker started flowing the Stone boxes to us.  Kid was looking tite for first grade.  Mac, still running some hand me down goods.  Still better then those Tuffskins and bowlcut I had at that age.  Thanks MOM.
 2007 - 2nd and pre-K.  Gnar got his own Ultimate Fighter Stone kit going.  Charlie had his shoes on backwards.  True story. 

Milo still down with the Stone and the WISE.  Recognize!
2008 - 3rd and kindergarten.  Bad hair boys. 
 2009 - 4th and 1st grade.  I remember this day like it was yesterday.  Seeing Frank roll up all Neff'd out.  Bozung, sup?  Your killing me.  Milo rocking some Windell's pride from our first trip down there.  Mac got a souvenir shirt.
2010 - 5th and 2nd grade.  Serious shit.  SpaceCrap Frank?  Get it together.
Future negotiator with bro Charlie.   His shoes are on right here.
2011 - 6th and 3rd grade.  School uniform time for Milo.  God said so.  God told Mac to stay in public school and rock some Casual Industree's.

2012 - 4th and 7th grade.  Uni formed.
This is the year God touched Frank and them two gingers in the background.   
2013 - 8th and 5th grade.
See how God is all over them? 
Good luck boys.

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