Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Cramps...the video

CAMPiTA + Wet Gloves + High Cascade Snowboard Camp = Summer Cramps!  Catchy title huh?  Well, that's what I got on the drop off day for Milo at HCSC.  It was an odd day for me.  Hood, my kid and me, well it's just a thing WE do and to drive down there, unload his ass into a cabin, get a hug and hear "alright Dad, later" was just not what I was expecting.  I even asked him if he wanted me to come up to the chalet to hang.  "Nah, I'm good, see you on the hill."  And so off I went with my 7th grade childhood bro Griff to Charlies to drown my confusion with a Rainer tallboy or two. 
He had his Dan Brisse GoPro3 in his bag for the week.  I had my Contours.  Naturally this vid has lots of Lil Guy, cause I wasn't out there for the week following the dudes around grabbing Dad footy.  Instead, whenever he'd feel the need to dial my ass up for a lap or two, I'd pull it out and shoot on his command of course.  Then he'd hand off his GoPro to his coaches and they'd shoot him.  But in the midst of all the Milo-fest came shots of the characters that made up the week on the hill and that's what we have here.  Lots of Lil Guy, clips of his bro's, Griff and I filming each other and pretending we don't suck at something we've done for more than half our lives and an insane closing down hip session on the last day of camp for the summer that NO ONE wanted to end. 
Damn, it's been a while since I played around and built a video.  I missed it to tell the truth.
Anyway, here's the footage from my kids dream summer camp and what became an incredible 8 days off the grid trip for me and a bro who happened to turn 47 during the trip.  HBD G!


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