Thursday, August 15, 2013

8 days in the woods in a van, with a dude that turned 47 and likes to puke...

This was the third "official" year of CAMPiTA, but the tone was set 23 years ago when a young John Blue Montgomery showed up at Mt. Hood to snowboard and camped in the woods. He's camped in the woods every summer for the last 22 years since and in the last three it's turned into a CAPiTA team retreat of sorts. No program except show up, camp, hi 5, make new friends and shred. That's it.

Lot's of dudes there this year and I'm about to name drop:  Blue, Tedore, Frasier, Gerard, Stevens, Cocard, Kimura, Zima, Rav, Shubert, JOC, Line, Sell, Mugi, Nappy, Sleepy, Aussi Tom, Krugs, Jossi, Durrell, Kyle, Stuart, Griff, Wilmoth, Sweaty, Nate, Klocker, Shuffle, Jake, Payton, Ben Maki, Bridges, YoBeat Justin, Dick Neck, Wizard, the entire Dino's team and the list goes on.  At one point we were at like 45 deep around a camp fire with motor cycles jumping the pit while Fire Ball was igniting the night.

I went down to Hood many days early as I had to drop my eldest son off for his first ever away from home camp week at HCSC.  The NW dudes put together a group of 15 Northwest shreds to invade High Cascade for a week.  Their drop off date was on Monday, and CAMPiTA started on Thursday.  My delima was this, 4 hours down, 4 hours back to a place I had to visit twice.  How do I draw a straight line and only do the drive down and back?  Easy.  Have my best bro from 6th grade fly out, drive down and we camp, shred and fuck off together till the event got rolling.  So in hot from Mass came good ole Griff, and our adventure of being off the grid for 8 days began...

Enough story telling, I'll let these out of order pictures tell a thousand words.

Wilmoth loves them Fireballz.
Lil guy high in the sky at the mini pipe. 
Tent city with the token shit box motorcycle that jumped the fire pit.
Go Hard with Nappy, Sleepy and Mugi, the dream trio from Japan.  Oh Really?
Day 87 of the season right here. 
There was a torrential downpour.  Griff and I didn't give a shit though, we had a Westy.
Cobra Dawgs came up and served us delicious wieners at one of our many lot lizard apres.
This happened.
So did this.  Brendan Gerard is the farthest thing from a frat boy, cept he acts like one around the fire pit.  YoBeatOff Stan was pretty all time.  Nice hire Brooke.  Now pay his ass.

I'm 25 years older than Riley, but you couldn't tell by our hair don'ts.
Sleepy telling me something real interesting I'm sure. 
Kimura said she's into fitness and could do pushups like a man.  A quick man like 25 she rattled off.
They call him UKIA for a reason.  And it's not cause he pukes.  Birthday puke right here.  Ahhh to be 47.
Milo on the last day, last hour went nuts on the hip.  Yawgoons Dr. B liked his action enough that he gave him a sticker and a film job.
Some serious frat boy shit right here.  Salem State all over.  Where's Bud Man?
Meet "Thunder" and "Lightning" Jess.
Tonto's van got a reach around, hando and finger after 8 days in the woods.  Thank you Tonto.
Kyle Fisher getting inducted into Phi Beta CAMPiTA.
Pre trip Westy pack job.  This thing gets waves all day.
Watched this chick roll this thing off the highway to the access road.  Wow.
This was a rough one for me.  Dropping my kid off at camp, and then having to interact with adults.  Take me to camp next year Milo.
His digs were Titty City though.
I had to shit on a 5 gallon can every morning, sometimes twice.  Looks comfortable huh?
Night one of our 8 days off the grid.  That's a 4 star hotel right there though.

Happy bad hair.
Gap to board slide. 
Day 85

Griff is in tip top shape.  You can tell by the sweat on his shirt after a day of shredding.
Day 86
Chia pet growing on the dome.
Pre CAMPiTA bro down  in the lot.
The accomidations

Daily routine for this dude.  "What, I'm on vacation?"
Bonus, Frank and Coach Phil. 
What rain.  Our setup was water tight and right.

Griff took his aerial skills to the airbag and almost didn't make it to the bag.
Japans finest, Mugi and Durrrel. 

Klocker came out and made a camp trip a gourmet dinner feast.
Solo attack on the big jump.  Lil guy was checking shit off the list all week.
Blue, Zima, Sweaty and Chase Josie
Miss Jess has hip skills.
Day 89 with this skier chick that hated snowboarders.  Russel didn't give a shit though.
Intercoastal travel on the hip
I'm not that good at Fireballin
Another one in the books.  Thanks CAMPiTA, HCSC, Kevin English, Corey Mac, Carson Shubert, YoBeat, Tonto, all the riders, my bro Griff for making this a shred trip to remember, my wife Lisa for letting me go off the grid for 8 days, and especially Shawn Tedore for doing ALL the leg work and making this shit tick. 


  1. Jesus. Epic times.
    good shit..

  2. matt penny8:23 PM


  3. I need your vacation time.

  4. fireball. even hotter on the way out.

  5. Gnonymous11:38 PM

    2laps to warm up, get the camp stiff out and puke the camp booze out. 2laps to shine. 2laps to stiffen back up. 2laps to realize you hate unstrapping and strapping back in. A victory is cleaning the uphill entry to the lift and making that first half of the ski racer run to the park fun. "Dude the pow line is on the right side of the rope today, it's sic" 2runs wondering if your gonna download then you post up, eat the best pbnj, drink water, re-apply sunblock and get your mind blown left-right-center. So much sic shit goin down, you couldn't keep track. Boom! Rejuvenated. 2runs wondering why you get the same height in the mini and man pipe. Both were sweet, don't matter. 2more runs fighting off muscle cramps and smile cramps cuz your the oldest kid on the hill. First on, last off trying to keep up straight lining behind a chick (pro camaro). Then walking down a volcanic dirt path and awkwardly spaced steps to the apris lot party you also kill. Drive to town, buy a bottle of Satans whiskey then proceed to out camp everyone. #FUKALLYAALLMUTHAFUKERZ