Thursday, July 11, 2013


Research and duplicate.  Our swim team buddy Tom Barwick shoots for Getty Images, the guys that Crystal Mountain and Snowshoe ripped off for this poster family image.  He did a winter time shoot with the boys and I two winters ago and wanted to do a summer time backyard deal.  The idea was a bbq with parents, and then a bunch of kids in the back yard skating, tramping and being general shit bags.  For some reason, corporate America loves to buy photo's of this.  Finn, Aiden, Frank, Milo and Mac were going at it for a couple hours, when Tom asks if I still had the ramp that Mac used for the Tosh.0 viral photo of him jumping Anders.  Frank jumped in this time and for the photo not shown, they did a little Nitro Circus multi thing going with Milo back flipping in the background, Mac jumping in the fore ground and Frank grabbing his nuts on the ground.  Yea...can't wait to see that photo front and center for a Citi Bank ad.  


  1. Do any of the kids live in the house? Does the homeowner know he is sitting on one of the most legendary spots in the PNW?

    The lensman is in a hotter spot than that Asiana crash landing runway instagrammer. TERRORSQUADD~