Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Joon, Jew-Lie...CHECK.

Ahhh, first visit to Mt. Hood for summer time shred is always a tricky one.  Tricky because I'm stupid and forgot that leaving at 2PM on a Friday is highway suicide.

Truck was packed to the gills for 4 of us.  Good thing I didn't take off the hitch, cause then I wouldn't have opened up my leg on it a couple of times.
Our 2PM departure put us at the Chehalis skatepark at about 6PM, the time that we should of arrived at Windells.  But we were only 1/2 way there at this point.   Milo got all X-Games on this booter ramp in meth ville.
We finally got to Windells, THE FUNNEST PLACE ON EARTH.  Seriously, it is.  Anyway, this is WeGnars official last run on his skooter.  He skates now, full time and pushes mongo. 
Ran into THIS dude getting our guest passes at High Cascade.  Spencer Fucking Tamblyn.  This dude was my Milo before Milo.  Meaning anytime I had a trick in my head that there was no way in hell I could do, Spencer would execute it perfectly.  He's the US Snowboardings development team coach these days.  Good seeing you bud.  Miss ya.  No homo.
 When we rolled up to Hood, this bird was in the air.  Search and rescue for a dude that was missing for a week.  The amount of fuel they burned on Saturday was re-dick-you-loss.  But they found him.  Dead.  Apparently he was training for Everest.  Rip buddy. 
 Zombie dodge ball at Windells.
 My three sons.
 Brisse's boy "Killer's" on hill kit is incredible, not as incredible as his hand plants though.
 Riley got into the Pat Bridges spirit by finally learning plants.  You can teach an old dog new tricks. 
To quote Mike Rav "Milo learned those two plants faster than I've ever seen anyone learn them."  Fs/bs inverts...check.  Watch for a cameo in HCSC session two edit and something on TWS online.  Tamblyn, you have been replaced!
 W.W.D., donkey kicking it into the pipe, to a hand drag, to a slash to an arm flap.  I still got it.
"So Dad you wanna follow me off this medium jump so you don't knuckle it?"  You ever want to come down here again? 
Six bucks right there about to go all over his numb face,  a clean shirt and my truck.
 Atta boy.
 Stopped by the Brisse Burger compound on the way home and met his newborn son Zealand.  Brisse hooked Milo up with a full GoPro set up for his birthday.  Thanks back to back X-Games gold!
 Today...boys are back at kissing ass so they can go down again.

Thanks Windells, Tim Windell, HCSC, Carson Shubert, Corey Macdonald, Riley, Jeff Holtz and Regular Guy for all the hook ups and letting me check off a couple more days of shred in June and one already for July.  Day 84 and still counting, til October.