Monday, July 08, 2013

Four thhhhh recap

Skytuckybound for the long ass weekend.  Stopped in Monroe and the kids got some light sabers.
Got to the cabin for the first time in 5 weeks and...the lawn for the most part was cut by our neighbors.  Nice surprise.  WeGnar still had some tuning up to do though.
Sweatys property behind us was a jungle on the other hand.  Good investment guy.
One of the BDC founder members came up with his family for the weekend.  Poached my new Ninkasi hoodie too.  Mini train across the way was in full effect.
Casual Dan, Armani and the Burches joined us for a front yard white trash bbq before the fire werks.
Trailer of werks to keep smiles on the jerks. 

42 minutes the show went on.  City folk were saying "best show ever."  That is til they went back to our place and Casual Dan and Burch let loose with the arsonal they brought up. 
Dan thought he was no longer Banned Dan, that is til booze and fireworks til 11:30PM pissed off ever person of the 216 population town of Skykomish.  Back to banned, Dan.
Hey Pops, we got your Netflix at the cabin now too. 
Tunnel Creek avy path.  Shit was gnar gnar.  A couple feet of trees layed down vertically from top to bottom. 
Milo turned 13 on the 6th.  Got himself a new "school" computer that is wicked fast for gaming.  I for see problems with this. 
Gnar drives to the dump.  Works the pedals and all.
Rebuilt the wood shed.  New footings, moved the dry wood to the front, and re-enforced the whole kit and cubutal. 
Polish construction at it's finest.
Ready for a cord of wet wood in the back.
Armani "happened" to have a spare Beats box that he pulled out of his car and handed to me.  Happy birthday to me.  This things tits. 
Sunday funday began after the mandatory church outing to keep our tuition to a minimum.  I think our Priest is coming out of the closet too.  And this is the dude that said to a twelve year old "assholes are for shitting, not pleasure" when asked what he thought of homosexuality.  Interesting. 

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  1. Good Family vibes... dare I say, miss you M'koski's