Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucky fuckers

What the fuck, when I was a kid my Dad never went to the airport to pick up Timmy Judge, Greg Hill or Stompin Stu Thompson for Griff and I to rip around the neighborhood jumps with our bmx bikes.  But my kids get Scott Stevens and Sean Genovese delivered to their hill?  Spoiled rats.  Although I did enjoy the three day weekend more than they did, but still. 
Scott's a champ.  He was at Bear Mountain, beating the shit out of himself filming Sunday In The Park, got on a plane on Friday, we picked him up and went to the hill to scope out the park for the contest and the rope tow jam line.  Riley joined us, as well as Aiden and Frank and we were rolling with a posse 7 deep.  Riles and Milo started going tit for tat on all that the park had to offer and Scott felt like he had to step up his game, even though he was bruised and battered.  At one point he said to me on the chairlift "Johan, you know, if I rode with Riley and Milo all the time, I'd be a way better snowboarder."  This vid is some highlights out of Friday nights session, along with some from the Volcom PBRJ.  You see Geno talking the WeGnar into his first legit back board too.  Which he fully claims at the end.  I wish Timmy Judge would of shown me how to properly do 1 footed table tops when I was their age. 


  1. #WWD

    that's all that need be said.

  2. Let's be honest. Johan fanned out 100x harder than any of the kids did.