Monday, March 25, 2013

A-Snowboards Regis Rolland 182 Swallowtail

Kids had Friday off from school, which meant that I had to work from the mountain office and off we left the city on Thursday. 
Stevens Pass Friday report said 8" in 24 hours and 4" in 12.  Which is bullshit, cause it was more like 8" in 12 and 12 in 24 hours. 
I busted out a 10 year old A-Snowboard Regis Rolland 182 swallowtail for the hell of it and ended up riding that thing until noon. 
Saturday rolled out that blue stuff in the sky that we never see and with the soft snow, it made things extra fun.
The Absinthe Crew was out in Hollywood Bowl doing super man type shit, so the boys pretended that a real camera man was filming them off some mini features. 
March pow, can't beat it.


  1. 182 swallowtail, now THAT is efficient...

  2. Yup, the kids are still killin' it.