Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm wondering if...

Crystal thinks that these would be more terrain friendly and efficient at their resort?  
Think about it,
You wouldn't have to strap and unstrap a hundred times a day. 
It looks really rad. 
As far as efficiency goes, that’s a lot of saved energy. 
Maybe snowboarders would switch over to this?
Perhaps  the industry would start to grow again?
KKKim Kare 2 Komment?


  1. I cant help but think everything in that video would have been more fun on a snowboard, especially the pow tree run.

    Dual boards are a joke!

  2. Wow. This shit takes me back to my days at Vail where occasionally you would see Team Sled Dogs rip down the runs.

  3. head over to Hyak: snowshoers, ski bikes, snow skates, xc racers, xc flailers, dogs, probably some other shit. Place is BONKERS!