Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Jean Fantasy - a 90's snowboard history lesson

Union Binding Co posted this bad boy up a couple days ago.  A classic CO shred flick from 1993 or so.  Some iconic Steamboaters in here too.  Kalei Pitcher at 11:28, The Sherrif Joe Jackson at 12:10, Unions very own Hor Hey at 22:07, Perry Coleman at 26:40, Quinn Sandvold at 26:52, and of course the World Champ Todd Richards at 28:24.
You new jacks hating on this, remember the entire mountain was the snowboard park back then.  No manicured booters, hips, pipes or boxes.  Shit was all raw dog side hits, cat tracks to flat, rocks, real rails and logs.
WTF's up with the break dancing though?  TR must of wanted that shit in there.

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  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    ha awesome Kalei was my favorite back then.