Friday, March 01, 2013


That's what Martino calls the place in his broken Engrish accent. "Dute, we go make shred at Boldface again dis year?" Yea Marty, we make go.
Sunday, 6AM jump in the Bangburban and haul our asses off to Nelson B.C. A mellow 7 hour drive from Seattle is easy to handle when your heading into paradise, but after paradise turns to every day reality that drive is a mean son of a bitch.  In other words, that drive home blows.
It's our 2nd year of our company retreat/meeting/fuck-off-excuse at the place.  Why?  Pow for pow the best cat opporation any of us have ever been too.  Yea, it's not riding birds in AK, it's kinda better.  Great terrain, combo'd with endless pow, huge runs, killer lodge, an owner that get's it, adds up to more smiles than shitting yourself every moment your in AK.  At least that's what I do when I'm there.
Anyway, we liked the place so much last year, and they liked our shit, so we co-labbed and made them some killer goods.  CAPiTA Baldface Charlie Slasher in 13/14 construction and sizes, Union Baldface Team Bindings and COAL ball caps.  They have them for demo and purchase at the lodge, and we got a couple at the shop.
If you've been, you get it.  If you haven't, get it in gear guy.  


  1. Pretty much the inaugural run of the Charlie Slasher , right? Baldface christened the Charlie into deep pow shredding!!!