Friday, March 09, 2012

Burbans, Boats, Planes, Birds and Cats

Whirlwind week to say the least. Here's the mega pictorial of last Friday to today.

Last Friday, drove the family up to the cabin for a night shred after work, then left the rodents for the weekend with our good buddy Kid Fresh.
The wife and I jumped on a ferry the next afternoon out of Anacortes to Roach Harbor for Mr. Montgomerys wedding. 
I wore my finest puffy, with a tie, while others had them suit coat thingys.
Blue and Jackie looked insane.
Martino flew all the way here from Europe as well as Mr. Kass.  The wife was a little smitten with Danny.  "Danny how come you and your girlfriend aren't still going out?"  "Well Lisa, I'm like a remote control car.  I'm real good when I'm in radio range, but a little out of control when I get out of range."  "Oh."
Brisse showed up too from Jackson Hole, where he and BJ Leines spent three days building a super booter.
Tyler LePore and Luke McMaster.
WE had planned a little company meeting at Baldface BEFORE Blue planned his wedding right on top of our meeting, so the morning after the wedding we had to jump on this puddle jumper to make it to Nelson B.C. in time to make the transfer to the lodge.
On taxi to takeoff, a goose walked in front of the prop and got gin-sued.  Marty thought that may be a bad sign.
We had some time to kill in Nelson, so we went and got a beer, not here.
Jumped in the heli for a quick flight up the mountain.
Then got in the snow cat for the rest of the trip up to the lodge, since the lodge was fogged in.  
Welcome Cocainee's.
Peligrosso was served liberally. 
Cooper was there, that son of a bitch.
More food.
Rad, Pat and Jordon.
Klocker ACTUALLY snowboarded, all day, everyday and enjoyed it.

Eh, not a bad view.
BaldDildo Snowboard of Death
We actually did work while there, while Emmett checked the NHL scores.
Sweaty got busy stickering up the place.
This shirt couldn't be any true'r.  Bruce Beach - Mother Fucker, and MVP of the trip.
Lodge dogs
This thing is half Rottweiler, half coyote.  Sketchy as hell.
 TJ and B-Rad.  TJ was on FIRE all week.  Ripping.

 Cat life with Eddy from hOme, Gums and Hor-Hey.

Day 4 group shot.  Cooper, that son of a bitch is on the ground.
Something Sweaty did for 4 days straight.
We came, we devoured.  Charlie was in effect at Baldface.  John Logic killed it.
There was a little axe throwing contest and...
Bullseye bitches. Must been cause of the slippers.
We had rogue Mom and son in our cat. They had booked a year ago, and this was their third year there. To be honest, I was a little sketched on this arrangement but what could I do.  Moms was 57, son Justin was in college.  Then when Marge started to killed it on a snowboard, it only made my trip better.  On top of that, we let her plug her I-Pod into the stereo for cat tunes one day, and she had Misfits on there.  Thanks Marge, your a true inspiration and one hell of a super mom.
Vid recap to follow... Thanks Baldface!



    also: was there any talk of choppering me up there? SupernatVoiceOver definitely putting that place on the map, they were nothing before I decided to talk about them.

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