Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ma so far updated...

Pops, the kids and his horse Matty.
Mac, Maddie and Bob
Uncle Grips
Nephews menu...look at them prices guy.
Moms and Moms.
Lobstah eggs benny
Banana bread french toast
I won that shit in 81.  Sailing 420's yo.
1989, Maury McKarty and I driving the 442 out to CO for the first time.   Cherry popper.
1990, Matty B and I driving MA to CO.
1991, Lisa and I driving the Work Horse out.
College dorm room photo.  Buzzard, Tony, Craig Brooks, Sparky, Parsons and Zip.
1983, first BMX trophy.  Mom used to put a bowl on my head and trim around it.
Snowboarding in 93, Steamboat.
Snowboarding in 1985, Salem golf course.  CB Gore Tex jacket and Gibeaux jeans.
First loser in 91.
Fuckin sheep, Wingnut.
Icecream, Salvadores.  Best.
Cabin were stayin at.
Newport RI.
Moms and some crazy bitch

When we were in college, this what these guys did.  Fight, roids, and shoot guns thru the roof of their apartments.  Now their boring ass fathers that drink Bud Light and are sober.
Stick was a buck seventy in College.  He's about 240 here and bad ass.  Capt on the Boston Fire Department.  You don't want him putting out a fire at your house.  Cause he'll destroy it.
Parsons, Bud, Sparky, Stick and Mongo.  College reunion shit.  Bowditch Hall / Daniels St.

Macomber siblings
Our Christmas card
Wieners waited 4 years to drive these carts.
Uncle Stevie and Milo.  Milo beat the crap out of him.
Riding lawn mowers

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  1. I didnt know Woodward opened a farm camp...