Monday, April 02, 2012


if your mountain is closing down these days.  This is what it's like in the parking lots of our hill.  Another foot of blower pow over the weekend.  Crazy.  Shits staying open well into May.  Get a plane ticket, and get some.


  1. Yeah just check any webcam out of Colorado! I guess Steamboat already shut down lower mountain. Utah could be better but we are at least going to have a fun spring!

  2. LOL that's the homey's murdered out van in the center! We were up splitting on Saturday (N- and W- faces were killinit). That wall was so sick, we absolutely had to park under it. It was overhanging and icicled-out and shit. So rad.
    Heard crazy garbled contest-sounds when we got back to the rig at 4 or so. Nuts.

    As for snow: more on the way, I guess...

  3. thanks for the taking a pic of my van.. it is rad!