Monday, March 26, 2012

GreenHorn Games Summit At Snoqualimie

Saturday was the GreenHorn Games 5 at the Summit Of Snoqualimie and Krush pulled out all the stops. The course was pretty mini bike style insano. If Scott Stevens was there, he would of put on a clinic. But he wasn't so the Terror Squad had to take the bull by the horns and show Kevin, Krush and Stephan Krumm who was boss. And that they did. Terror Squad members in attendance were: Meier, Maui, Mac, Milo, Frank, Matteau and Kaola. With DJ being a c-hair too old, but lurking on the sidelines. Over 70 Greenhorns showed up as did the sun, and this was the best to date. Thanks Gnu, Krush, Summit, Oakley, Polar, Arnette, SnoCon, Snowboarder and POW for supporting the Coolest 13 an under contest in the world.
Riders meeting, breaking shit down.
Gnar, as in We-Gnar!

Lil guy got second, behind Zack from Seymour.
Milo, 1 footed off the box.

1 footed fs 3's.
Upside down off the box
Terror Squad sweep of the 10/11's.  Milo, Kaola and Frank!
"Now's the time Greenhorns!"


  1. Such a sick gang. Lemme know when I can buy a tshirt or get a sticker.

  2. milo is my new favorite shred. kid has skillz! front flip off the box whaaaaaat!

  3. Nice edit.....great day....see you again next year!