Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Stevens has extended their season into late May, but what happens after that?  You know there's gonna still be heaps of snow sitting around with no one sliding over it.  So...enter Crystal Mountain.  Yea I know it's a skiers hill.  Yea up till two years ago you had to still use a leash.  Yea, no park.  Yea, if you get caught hitting side hits they pull your pass.  Whatever, the place is skiing into July again, and it's only an hour and forty five minutes from the city.  Buy your Groupon tickets for $27 a day for the next two days.  Kids ski for $5 or so.  Go....

1 comment:

  1. my summit pass included five crystal days this year. I only used ONE of them motherfuckers!
    May have been the best day of the year though.
    Place is sick, but the people are so so so wack. So fucking wack!