Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creatures Of Habit

Ahhhh, vintage snowboard flicks. Must of watched this at least 500 times working at Powder Tools. Last week on first tram at Snowbird we ran into Temple Cummins, Tom Burt and Andy Hetzel. They were there judging the Northface Masters contest. Andy was all smiles and said hello to Milo, and told him he watched some of his footage. "Kids pretty good!" Milo said thanks, then later asked who Andy was and if he "used" to be a pro or "something." Yea son, he "used" to be a pro.
I swear to God, schools need to do a snowboard history lesson or something. We got dudes here at C3 that see these mid 30's guys come thru with names like Joni, Peter, Schlosser, Winfield...etc that have no clue who they are. Anyway...I guess I'm dating myself here.
"Hi there, I'm a sporting guy. I like roller blade basketball, nitrous bungee jumps and just being a sensitive guy in the 90's."  Vids back in the day were littered with gems like this.  Enjoy...

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  1. for real.
    did you slap the boy?