Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Took a "personal day" today. Meaning, didn't quite feel like working with the shit that went down as well as the fact that the We-Gnar has a February break but Milo's God school doesn't. Gnars other name is the "Shaft" so today was Dad's time to do a de-shafting.
While making breakfast this morning, I hear the tv upstairs in the loft playing TB20. Think to myself, cool, love that movie this year. Haldor and KJ's parts are re-dick-you-loss.
Anyway, we rip around on the hill with Kid Fresh and Meier all team Terror Squad style in the soupy ass pow having a blast. KF has to bail, but Mac and I have one more line we need to get. And by the way...my 8 year old rides NW pow better than any of you fuckers reading this. On a 115 to boot. So we do that line, and off to Tullys to get a end of day hot chocolate. I notice a couple BlueBird snowboards and go "wtf?" Roll upstairs and there he is, having a mellow. Kevin Fuckin Jones...in the flesh, ripping around Stevens for then next week or so. Had to get a photo with Gnar and him, to go against the one I had of him and Milo 10 years ago during a Northwave shoot.


  1. Here I am blaming KJ for drinking all the Budweiser over the past 10 years when it's been Milo all along.