Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In case you didn't hear...

We lost a friend this Sunday. 
Lisa was getting Milo a sandwich when Chris pulled up next to her and got one him self.  They chatted, he talked about Mac and Milo and she asked where he was going.  "Tunnel Creek, we got a group going out there."  "Ok, well be safe."  "I will."  And a hour later, he and two others were dead. 
I could go on and on about Chris Rudolph, but I think the thing for me that sums him up is, that pretty much every weekend I go shred Stevens I climb three floors at at the Tie Creek Lodge to the third floor to go into the marketing department to see Jules, Nate and Chris.  For no reason other than to shoot the shit with the boys.  And I don't like hiking.
Chris is the dude who helped put Stevens on the map as far as a "it" mountain to go to.  And did it simply by being easy to work with, someone who you knew, knew what was up, and had zero alternative motivation except to help you accomplish what you needed to accomplish while there.  There's few dudes you know in your life that work at a resort, ski every freaking day, and then take their vacations skiing.  Chris was that guy.  You'd see it on the marketing calander, marked off during heavy months of events, there'd be a line thru two weeks saying "Chris gone."  Gone touring, gone cat skiing, gone to other resorts.  I love dudes with that much passion.  And that's why you knew about Stevens before the media made a shit show out of the whole event.  Cause of Chris and his team. 
For the President of Stevens Pass to say this of Chris, you know he was one of the good ones.  "Chris, as Director of Marketing, was the face of Stevens Pass and along with his marketing team, Nate and Jules, instrumental in setting the “personality” of Stevens.  Chris was a kaleidoscope of joy, humor and passion. His vibrant zeal for life, making the air around him nearly quiver with anticipation for each new day and the beginning of a new adventure.  Chris’ charm, charisma and wit, that quirky view of life and reality, made him an epicenter of activity, social connection and downright fun.   Everyone wanted and still wants to be around Chris, because his exuberance and energy buoyed you and pulled you along in his current of true joy and wonder at the world around us."
The shitty thing of this whole deal, is that in death, Chris ultimately accomplished what he always wanted to do.  He put Stevens Pass on the radar to all.  Whether that's a good thing or bad, I'd rather have the three people in that Marketing Office next weekend when I drop in. 
Thanks for the miles of smiles Rudolph, we're gonna miss you.  Condolences for you girlfriend, family and friends.  Sincerely, your friends the Malkoski's.


  1. Harshest day in our mountains in a long time. Stay up.

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Another fine piece of words. Thanks to you for inviting me into that special little world and family of Stevens. I'm fortunate to have met Chris. A full year after meeting him over a mellow beer and basic convo, he spots me in a crowd remembers my name, hand shake, says if I need anything let him know. Made a broke off old never was has been feel special. That dude had a gift. You could tell as soon as you met him and allot of Stevens is what it is because of that.